Kathleen Cubley

KathleenBig2Hello, knitters! I’ve been obsessed with knitting for years, and my favorite projects have always been sweaters.

I like the occasional smaller project, especially cowls, but there’s really nothing like yards of stockinette with a well-placed cable or a subtle stitch pattern here and there. I crochet a bit now and then, too—especially when I need to produce a baby blanket in time for a baby shower!

I come from a family of crafty people; my great grandmother’s sewing tools have a place of honor in my curio cabinet, and they get commented on all the time. I love knitting history and feeling connected to all of the knitters who come before me.

Spokane, Washington is my home, and when I’m not knitting I enjoy paper crafting, gardening, snuggling with my dogs, swimming, reading, and playing in the snow in the winter.

But, really, I’m pretty much always knitting.


Kathleen was the Online Editor of Knitting Daily from 2015 through 2016.