May the 4th Be with You: 5 Quick Knits for Space Nerds

It warms my geeky little heart to see so much love and support for science and space exploration as of late! So on this very special day, I have gathered some space-tacular knitting patterns for you all.

1. Alien Adventure by Amanda Berry

Pattern Price: $4.26

Amanda Berry has an adorable knitting pattern for every kind of creature one could want, but this adorable space-themed duo has stolen my heart. As the pattern page says, “Get set for adventure with Boggle the Alien and his space rocket. Boggle is off to explore the universe, visit alien planets, and make some new friends along the way.” You could make these stuffies out of leftover yarn as great desk accessories or perfect toys for some cool kids you know. How could you not need these two to your life?

2. Baby Black Hole by Dawn Finney

Pattern Price: $2.00

Hello little guy! You’re unimaginably cute before you turn into an unstoppable gobbling machine! Dawn Finney’s designer page is all about space, science, and fun creatures. If you’ve never had the pleasure of perusing her page, you’re welcome. Anyone can use a personal black hole—it’s a great reminder of how cool and weird space is! Plus who can resist smiling when they look into the endless depths of this little fluffball’s eyes?

may the 4th

3. Constellation Charts by Amanda Ochocki

Pattern Price: FREE

For as long as humans have had leisure time at night, we’ve been staring up at the sky. We’ve used them for making calendars, navigating on open water, telling the future, and even establishing what a person’s personality will be like. There’s an endlessly fascinating history to how we have interacted with the stars. Add these 16 stitch patterns to any garment or accessory! I’m imagining a great throw pillow for my couch.

4. Orbital Ornaments by Laura Chau

Pattern Price: $5.18

Use up your leftover yarn with this collection! You can use any color you choose and make as many or as few (but who could live with an incomplete set?) as you want. The pattern includes instructions for a sun, ringed planet, flying saucer, rocket, and satellite. Hang them around your home, on a holiday tree, or on a nursery mobile. Let’s get those babies started off on the right foot—with a universe of possibilities in front of them!

5. Outer Space Blanket by ShoedivaOriginals

Pattern Price: $10.00

This blanket has everything! Earth is comfortably still visible at the top and a close encounter with an alien planet begins at the bottom. There are charted spaceships, rockets, aliens, astronauts, and stars. My favorite is seeing what people have done with the colorwork charts, using them for a rocket ship vest and a friendly alien pullover! The options stretch to infinity and beyond.

6. Illusion Knit Space Scarf by Andrea Blumberg

Pattern Price: FREE

What?! Sarah, you said five patterns! I know, I know, but this (not so quick) knit is too amazing to leave out! I’ve only just been introduced to illusion knitting and it is so cool—especially when paired with space! This scarf is sure to amaze even the least knitwear-interested person you know.

I hope your day is full of nerdy spaced-out delights and themed knitting!

May the 4th be with you,

Assistant Editor, Interweave Knits

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