Math for Knitters

“Math class is tough!” – Teen Talk Barbie

I love math. There, I said it, my nerd status is truly out in the open now, but it’s true– I love it. I love the way numbers line up neatly in order (97 always comes after 96), I love the way it has a definitive answer (no matter how much that know-it-all person argues, 7 x 9 = 63), and I love how it makes measurements easy to work out (imagine trying to figure out whether or not that table will fit in your dining room using your arm as a ruler). It breaks my heart a little every time someone declares they’ve never used algebra or just hate math. How can you hate math? It’s everywhere! It’s like saying you really don’t care for the alphabet or have never found commas to be useful. It especially boggles my mind when knitters denigrate math—knitting is nothing but math! Don’t believe me? Here are a few examples:

  • Gauge? Ratio of stitches to inches.
  • Increasing and decreasing? Addition and subtraction.
  • Raglan shaping? About a 45 degree angle.
  • How many 153 yd skeins of yarn for a 1850 yd sweater? Division.
  • Which is more, seven 100 m skeins or fourteen 50 yd skeins? Multiplication and conversion.

For those of you who hated math class but love knitting, Kate Atherley’s Math for Knitters  webinar is a great chance to brush up on your skills or relearn it all without the pressure of a final. Kate covers all the knitting math you need, from figuring out how much yarn a project requires to how being a stitch or two off in your gauge affects your finished sweater. With the practical application of math to knitting, all those numbers and equations will be a lot less scary, and you’ll be tackling knitting math in no time.

Bonus! If you can’t attend the webinar “in person” on May 19th, 2016 you can still sign up and receive the presentation on-demand after the presentation is live—keep it forever and refer to it often!

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