Mastering Yarn Substitution

1yarnsub2Have gotten your heart set on a pattern only to find out the yarn has been discontinued? Or maybe you found the perfect pattern and want to knit it with yarn from your stash.

I recently wanted to knit a project but I didn’t love the yarn it was knit in, so I had to pick something else. I agonized over which yarn to choose, and I finally settled on something that, I have to admit, I’m not totally happy with it.

So, it might seem easy to just switch yarns, but there’s really lots to consider.

  • What weight should the yarn be?
  • Which fiber would be best?
  • What type of yarn would work for the pattern (single, 2-ply, etc.)?
  • How much of the substitute yarn will you need?

You’ll learn the answers to all of these questions, and so much more, in our newest web seminar, The Fine Art of Yarn Substitution, with Andrea Rangel.

Andrea is an experienced teacher and knitwear designer, and an expert on yarn substitution. She’ll help you make the right yarn choice every time!

Join me and Andrea on June 30 at 1 pm Eastern Time for The Fine Art of Yarn Substitution!


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