Kate Atherley Will Help You Make Changes to Knitting Patterns

Sometimes you find the perfect knitting pattern. The sizing and style are what you want, the gauge and yarn are perfect, and everything flows and fits how it should. All feels right with the world. More often than not, though, something about the pattern simply doesn’t work. If it’s a garment, maybe it’s too long or too short, or the shaping doesn’t fall where it should for your body type. Maybe you can’t get gauge with the yarn you’ve chosen, or you just find that you need to make changes to knitting patterns in order to make the finished project what you want.

If you find yourself with a pattern in the latter category, Kate Atherley’s new course, Find Your Fit: Understanding & Altering Knitting Patterns, will help you learn when and how to make changes to knitting patterns. The most important aspect of this is understanding the difference between changes you can make and changes you want to make. These differences can be subtle, but they will make or break your knitting experience!

In this course, you’ll learn about fit, style, and gauge, and how they all work together to create a garment’s silhouette. You will also learn what body measurements to take and how to take them, making sure you fully understand what the designer is talking about. In addition, Kate discusses swatching and blocking and why they matter.

With Kate’s helpful formulas and guidelines, you’ll feel empowered to choose the best patterns for you, make changes when you need them, and ultimately create pieces that fit perfectly and you are proud to wear!

Make Changes to Knitting Patterns & Find Your Fit!


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