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Our free Knitted Vest Patterns eBook comes with 5 free easy knitting patterns.

If you have been searching for fabulous garments to knit, vests are a great place to start! Knit vests are great for layering and can make a huge impact on your wardrobe! Discover a wide range of styles with these free knitted vest patterns for women, men, and children. Snuggle-up on your couch with all of your knitting supplies and start knitting one today.

Knitted vests are a wonderful addition to everyone’s wardrobe. They are perfect for every season, whether you want to add a light vest to a spring outfit, or add a warm one to help protect from the winter cold. This collection features our favorite collection of knit vest patterns, dedicated to the many styles you can choose from. For the guys we have a classic design and a wool vest, and for women a few stunning designs to fit every size and personality. And we didn’t forget the kids, we’ve included a fun, functional vest pattern for them. Whether you’re looking for sensible, functional, or more fashionable designs, you are guaranteed to find a pattern that is perfect for you. Click here to find our free Make a Knit Vest: 5 Free Knitted Vest Patterns eBook to get each of these free knitted vest patterns and begin to knit vests today.



Here are five free knitted vest patterns—there’s one for each member of your family!

Sneak-Peek at the Free Knitted Vest Patterns You’ll Find:

Valkyrie Vest by Lisa Shroyer

Learn to knit this beautiful cable knit vest is found in our free Knitted Vest Patterns eBook. This cable knit vest is inspired by this plump plied wool yarn that makes cables pop, Lisa created a cable knit vest that is the perfect “weekend” design. It’s knitting at its best, with fun stitch patterns in a big gauge that knits up quickly. A vertical panel seemed boring to Lisa, so she started traveling the cables out and achieved a winged effect. Hence, the name of the pattern, “Valkyrie Vest”.

Robert’s Houndstooth Vest by Marilyn Murphy

Learn to knit Robert's Houndstooth vest by Marilyn Murphy in the free Knitted Vest Patterns eBook, with step-by-step instructions Marilyn’s husband, Robert, doesn’t wear sweaters, but he will wear a vest. This pattern was designed around the yarn, the stitch pattern, and what a man would be looking for in a vest. The stitches Marilyn chose create a finished vest that has a textured, woven look. In this free eBook, you will find Marilyn’s step-by-step instructions and begin knitting this unique knit vest pattern.

Classic Camel Vest by Tara Jon Manning

The Classic Camel Vest is a fun knitted vest pattern that is easy to make and can expand your knitting skills. As the name states, this knitted vest pattern is a classic that has yet to go out of style. The soft and supple vest is accentuated by the luxurious natural color and the yarn of choice: a camel and merino blend. This cable knit vest will appeal to many men, from traditionalist to professional. This design is easy to knit using stockinette stitch and single cable accents up each side. This timeless classic is a wonderful way to spend your knitting time, and a great pattern to expand your skills.

Shadowy Vest by Marilyn Murphy

Learn to knit the Shadowy Vest by Marilyn Murphy in our free Knitted Vest Patterns eBook. For all those special little-ones in your life, you can make up this colorful and fun vest. This pattern is worked in the round to the armholes. Using the multi-color yarn does not create any pooling of color until you start working back and forth after the armhole shaping for the back. To avoid this, work from two balls of yarn alternating between balls every other row. Follow Marilyn’s expert advice and step-by-step instructions to successfully create knitted vests for the special children in your life.

Eco Vest by Katie Himmelberg

The Eco Vest is very simple to make with the designers step-by-step knitting instructions in the free Knitted Vest Patterns eBook. The eco in “Eco Wool” means that this yarn is neither dyed nor chemically processed, but instead of having the raw feeling of many minimally processed yarns, “Eco Wool” is surprisingly smooth and clean. Katie used this earth-friendly yarn to create this unstructured vest that can transition from fall to spring. It’s worked in a single piece to the armholes, then worked the back and fronts separately to the shoulders. The shaping is achieved through cable stitches rather than increases and decreases. Simply follow Katie’s detailed instructions and be on your way to knitting a vest that is not only earth-friendly, but a stylish addition to your repertoire that can be worn all year.

What are you waiting for? Don’t waste another minute! Get inspired by the eco-friendly vests for women or learn how to knit a man’s vest that he will actually wear. Use the diagrams throughout to create the perfect fit, no matter the shape or desired style. You are guaranteed to find a few vest patterns worth starting. Click here to get started by browsing through knitting patterns for all levels and find our free 5 Free Knitted Vest Patterns eBook.



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