Major Laura: Follow-Up

Major Laura in Iraq

I never expected the type of response I got back after sending out the newsletter about Major Laura. Hundreds of emails, emails such as I have never in my life received. Your gratitude towards those who serve, the generosity of your knitters’ hearts, the touching stories about heroes in your own lives…my friends, you are simply amazing.

It took me days to read all the emails, mostly because I had to take breaks to compose myself (and to get a fresh supply of tissues—some of your emails were extremely moving). Knowing that I could not possibly respond to each and every email individually, as I wanted to, I finally realized that the best thing I could do was to say this:

I am proud to be part of Knitting Daily, because YOU are Knitting Daily. Thank you for being who you are, and for sharing yourselves—and your knitting lives.

As so many of you observed: War is complicated, heart-wrenching, frightening; but a soldier who knits—after work, in her camoflauge gear—to help deal with the stress of being far from home…this is something we can connect with. Soldiers are not “just like us,”—they ARE us. And so we respond, as knitters will, with hands full of sock yarn and hearts full of compassion.

Many, many of you asked for Laura’s email address so you could write to her. Dozens and dozens of you asked if it would be possible to send Laura and her fellow soldiers sock yarn, needles, knitting books. I forwarded those emails on to Laura so she could read your expressions of support in your own words.

Many more of you offered to knit socks or other items for the soldiers who might not have the time or ability to knit for themselves. There are many knitting charities who have the resources to be able to help you get hand-knitted items to folks overseas. Laura suggested Afghans for Afghans (; their website explains ways to donate knitted items of all kinds (not just afghans!) to those whose lives are touched by war. One of our Knitting Daily members wrote in to suggest the Yahoo group Socks for Soldiers (, a group started by the mother of a young man in the Air Force. If you want to say “thank you,” check out–they send your thank you cards to the troops.

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