LYS Day: Love Your Local Yarn Store

This is a very special spring, as we are about to experience LYS Day, sponsored by our companions in craft, the good folks at The National Needlearts Association (TNNA). In the spirit of celebrating, we are shouting out the LYS family within Interweave’s reach here in Northern Colorado. From Laramie, Wyoming to Denver, Colorado, this list reflects who and what we love: small business owners who are passionate about yarncraft, and who want to bring more of us into the fiber fold.

Inside the Cowgirl Yarn shop in Wyoming!

Cowgirl Yarn

The college town of Laramie, Wyoming sits 65 miles away from Interweave HQ. Out here in the West we call that, “Not so far.” The location is a windswept piece of wild that sits on the edge of the  Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest. Winters are long, and not everyone who lands here can bear it. But Cowgirl Yarn owner Lori Kirk makes the most of being remote, and has created a treasure trove for lovers of yarn and craft. Visit their website to get a look into Cowgirl Yarn culture.

Local tip: if you find yourself in Laramie, a visit to the story-rich, historic Buckhorn Bar is in order, as is settling in for a bite at Altitude Chophouse & Brewery.

Lambspun of Colorado

This LYS is a favorite of Anne Merrow, Interweave’s Yarn Content Strategist. “Lambspun is wonderful and it speaks to so many crafts. They have everything,” she says. The property has deep roots, with a start as a farmhouse in 1937. Loaded with charm, it is in fact packed to the gills with a fiber-centric stock that will delight any yarn enthusiast.

Local tip: in order to have the full Lambspun experience, you must dine on the same property at the Back Porch Cafe, a Fort Collins favorite.

The Loopy Ewe

With a start in the Gateway City, owner Sheri packed it in for Fort Collins over ten years ago, and brought her LYS with her. Her decision to do so is not just a great thing for yarn lovers, but for those who dig fabric as well. Exploring the many possibilities that can happen when creative minds embrace textiles and fiber is the sweet mission of this crafty business.

Local tip: the location of Loopy Ewe sits under a mile from part of the Power Trail – one of the many bicycling routes in Fort Collins. Buy some yarn, drive a short distance, park, and jump onto your bike to explore why People for Bikes name Fort Collins the “best biking city” in the country in 2018.

Your Daily Fiber

A family run business that offers their own hand dyed yarns, this LYS has a sense of humor (there’s a cougar with a ball of yarn and a set of needles in his mouth on their website – part of their back story), and a sense of adventure. Every year, they run the Wild West Knitting Retreat, billed as “No cell phones, internet, or TV; just you, yarn, horses, dogs and cookies!” We are so in.

Local tip: this shop is just a wheel turn from the Mason Trail, which runs north/south through Fort Collins. Yet another of the many accessible biking trails that make Fort Collins shine.

My Sister Knits

Known around Fort Collins as “the one with the yarn bomb out front,” and also, “the one with the chickens,” and “the one with the shop dog,” and finally, “the one that’s in an old carriage house,” My Sister Knits wins in the quirky but absolutely lovable department. There’s much more, but I’ll let them tell their story – their website is great!

Local tip: Mountain Avenue in Fort Collins, where this shop sits, is one of the most pleasing drives in town. If you like old growth trees, craftsman style homes, and rolling through an idyllic setting at your leisure, by all means put this route on your to-do list.

Longmont Yarn Shoppe

This LYS in Longmont espouses community in their many yarn-driven events and opportunities to educate in fiber. They want you to take a knitting retreat. They want you to learn how to felt. They want to you to join a knit-along that is themed for three of this country’s most beautiful National Parks – and you need only move hook or needle! Check it out on their website.

Local tip: if you’re up for dirt on your shoes, spectacular views, and the feeling of wilderness in-the-round, look no further than the trail system that makes Boulder County one of the best places for outdoor enthusiasts in the United States. I encourage you to start with Rabbit Mountain.

Fancy Tiger Crafts

I like to describe Fancy Tiger Crafts as one of the most photogenic yarn shops I have ever encountered. It is no wonder – these folks are fully branded. Part of a makers movement in Denver and beyond, their effort to communicate inspiration is executed with both passion and expertise. Dig into their online presence and you will see why you must plan a trip to this maker’s Mecca.

Local tip: lollygag over to either Baere Brewing Company or TRVE Brewing Co., both in the same Denver neighborhood as Fancy Tiger Crafts.

Where will you find yourself on LYS Day? Let us know in the comments!

Here’s to the community of craft,


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  1. Cathy B at 11:37 am April 20, 2018

    No mention of Shuttles, Spindles and Skeins in Boulder? I love them because they cater to weavers and not just to knitters.

    • Jenn at 5:58 pm April 20, 2018

      Cathy B – thanks so much for tipping us off to the diverse offerings of craft at this shop in Boulder. This is a great lead on another LYS blog. Have a great LYS Day!

  2. Cindi K at 7:48 am April 24, 2019

    Loved reading about those awesome LYS; but you did not go far enough North! Here in Billings, MT we have our Yarn Bar, which is small, but busy. Sadly our second store had to close, so doing our best to support the one left. Check out the Yarn Bar’s website, GO KNIT! and an awesome LYS Day!

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