LYLYS: Lambspun of Colorado

Lambspun of Colorado is another locally beloved yarn shop in Fort Collins, Colorado. The farmhouse property has a long history that began in 1937 and was acquired by Daniel and Shirley Ellsworth in 1994, who then turned part of the property into a fiber shop. Just adjacent to Lambspun on the same property is the Backporch Café, a Fort Collins brunch staple established in 1997 by another local business owner, Mike Cooper.

Colorado yarn shop

Lambspun offers a plethora of classes, including everything from beginner knitting, felting, weaving, and others, to rigid heddle loom and knitting with beads classes. They even have a range of one day classes in which one can spend about six hours refining knitting, spinning, weaving, and felting skills.

Colorado yarn shop

All photos provided courtesy of the wonderful fiber fanatic folks at Lambspun!

Giving true meaning to the “local yarn” part of local yarn shop, Lambspun carries and sells their own lines of hand-dyed fiber and yarn as well. They have a range of rich colors to choose from, and a variety of fiber types. Choose from purples, greens, and blues in blends of silk, alpaca, merino wool, corriedale wool, bamboo, and more. It doesn’t get more local than that!

If you’re ever in the area, come check out Lambspun of Colorado. Head over to the Backporch Café for brunch, and then shop around and meet the lovely folks at the yarn shop. You’re in for a true Northern Colorado experience.

Find all of the great things Lambspun of Colorado has to offer on their website,

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