Winter Knitting Patterns: Loving Winter White!

Brighten up the season with this lace dress, one of the gorgeous winter knitting patterns in Shades of Winter.

Lace Dress from Shades of Winter

I’m not one to always follow the rules. Laws, yes, but rules, no. So I wear a lot of white before Memorial Day and after Labor Day. I’m not a society gal, so who cares? And I love my winter-white down jacket more than any other jacket; I think I’d wear it even if I were a strict rule-follower. So naturally, I love light-colored winter knitting patterns.

In the book Shades of Winter, author Ingalill Johansson designs winter knitting patterns in beautiful shades of white, beige, and gray—three of my favorite colors. Plus, the book is stunning. Most of it is photographed at the amazing Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. (See more about the Icehotel at the end of the blog.)

I’m loving this book and the patterns, especially the gray ones. Check out Ingalill’s Lace Dress in the photo above right. So gorgeous.

Here’s Ingalill to tell you more.

The Shades of Winter

Knit a bright spot with creamy white winter knitting patterns such as this cardigan or sweater.

Texture Knit Cardigan, left, and Vest, right

Snow and ice were my first sources of inspiration for this knitting book. In my mind I created pictures of wood-land spirits and ice princesses in the wintry landscape and icy environment. The garments everyone wore, knitted with wool’s warmth and softness, would contrast against the Scandinavian winter’s snow crystals and cold.

Knitting with ecological wool was an obvious choice for me. Using such a yarn, which is produced following strict rules, I could help preserve the environment and, at the same time, create a collection of the finest winter knitting patterns.

Looking for winter knitting patterns? The Cabled Cap, Cowl, Wrist Warmers, and Knee Socks from Shads of Winter is perfect!

Cabled Cap, Cowl, Wrist Warmers, and Knee Socks

My hope is you will feel as happy and inspired by the collection as I felt as I created the pieces. The range of designs includes simple garments for beginners as well as some that are a bit more difficult for more experienced knitters. I also want to share my tips and advice about knitting that I’ve learned during my career as a knitting designer.

My imaginary world of ice princesses has been realized through photographer Ewa K. Andinsson’s fantastic pictures. Some of the collection was photographed in one of Sweden’s most exotic tourist experiences, the Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi. It offers an enchanted environment in which ice columns and ice crystal crowns in the pillared hall shift from the iciest light blue to the darkest petroleum blue.

This book has been a dream come true for me. I hope that it will inspire you and give you many relaxing moments with knitting in your lap.

Good luck!

—Ingalill Johansson, Shades of Winter

When I flipped through this book, I was blown away by the stunning photography. The setting really contributed to the overall icy feel, not surprisingly, since the photo shoot was done at the Icehotel.

This lace set is perfect if you're looking for winter knitting patterns.

Lace Knit Gloves and Scarf (not shown: Knee Socks)

Ingalill had this to say about this amazing place:

“At the Icehotel in the Sami village of Jukkasjärvi, we experienced the most fantastic stay close to nature. It is the world’s biggest ice hotel at 5,500 square meters and is built totally of snow and ice. During each winter season, about 50,000 people visit the hotel, mostly from abroad.

The Icehotel has the Torne River as its source, and the hotel exists in harmony with the world around it. After every summer, artists from all around the world create and rebuild the hotel from scratch. It is a unique concept, created entirely from the perspective of being environmentally friendly.”

I would so love to see the Icehotel! Have any of you seen it, or one of the other ice hotels in the world? Leave a comment below and tell me about it.

And in the meantime, get the Shades of Winter eBook! It’s on sale for just $13 bucks. It’s just full of perfect winter knitting patterns. You’ll love it.







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