Loving Linen: The Lea Pullover

I'm having this problem. It's a fantastic problem to have, really. I keep assigning projects I really really really want to have in my closet to the issues of Knitscene. (We just photographed the projects for Fall and that issue is going to be a doozy—sorry not sorry.) There's a long list of projects that I want from Knitscene Summer, but my first go at knitting from this issue is Alison Green's Lea Pullover.

I chose to knit this simple pullover for a few reasons. I really wanted to knit something from the linen story, as I'd never really worked with linen before. I loved knitting with Classic Elite Yarns' Firefly for this project. It's so smooth to the touch and has a great sheen.

The crossed stitches at the shoulder called to me. They're an easy knitting stitch to work, adding simple drama to basic stockinette. And, as Louisa has pointed out repeatedly, could result in a really interesting suntan.

I was intrigued by the construction. Knitting begins at the bottom of the back, the back is worked, then stitches are cast on for the sleeves and they're worked, with a few stitches bound off and then cast-on to form the neck. Then you just keep on knitting the sleeves, bind them off, and work the body. This does require seaming the bottom of the sleeves and both sides at the end, but I would recommend keeping track of how many rows you knit for the back so you can make the front match—the same number of rows will make the mattress stitch at the end so easy!

I love wearing this tee. It's really light weight, and because it's a plant fiber, it seems to take any heat and whisk it away. I wore this to a friend's barbecue on the first nice weekend of spring, and then went to a concert and stayed completely cool all day, even while sitting on a patio and later dancing around.

I'm not sure what will be next from Summer; I've started knitting Allyson Dykhuizen's Fire Opal Tee from Knitscene Spring (she's having a knitalong! Grab your copy of Spring and join us!). I definitely want to knit a bunch of projects, including the Krypton Hat (you can totally nab a physical copy of the magazine and the yarn to make that hat in our handy kit—I'm thinking orchid) (You may have figured out I have a thing for purple). While I'm busy updating my queue, which patterns are you itching to knit?

Happy knitting,

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