Lovely lace: Oh, the places it can go!

What do you think of when you think about knitted lace? A shawl, perhaps? A scarf? Socks? Gloves? Sweaters?

Lacy Waves Top by Norah Gaughan, from Lace Style.

Yes, the possibilities are endless. And lace knitting is so addicting that you'll want to explore all of your options. For me, knitting lace evokes generational knitting because I feel like I'm knitting in the tradition of the hundreds of knitters who came before me.

Interweave Knits editor Eunny Jang says, "I've seen lots of metaphors for knitting lace—a butterfly emerging from a cocoon; a flower blooming—but to my mind, there is enough romance in the simple reality of lace knitting: exectute a few easy, repetitive maneuvers with two sticks, and a length of string transforms into delicate, airy fabric traced with pleasingly intricate patterning."

     The Peek-A-Boo Cloche by Mona Schmidt, from Lace Style. This hat is so coolit's a two-parter: A solid underlayer and the lace topper. You can really play with color in this one. I knit the underlayer in gray and the lace top in white. It was stunning, and I still admire it when the friend it I gave it to wears it.

Upon looking through the classic book Lace Style by Anne Budd and Pam Allen, I came across the Lacy Waves Top by Norah Gaughan. Even though I've looked at this book many, many times and even knitted something from it (the Peek-a-Boo Cloche by Mona Schmidt), but somehow I missed this super gorgeous top. I can't believe it, especially since Norah is one of my top five favorite designers.

I have to admit that I've never knitted a lace sweater. I've started two of them and frogged both. I didn't like how the shaping worked on one of them and the yarn I choose for the other ended up not being the best fit.

With just the sleeves and that cool wave motif on the front being lacy, this sweater is a good mix of lace and my favorite stockinette. I'm undecided on whether the lace sleeves will look good on me, though. I might just do short stockinette sleeves. We'll see. (I want this to be a summer top, so I'll knit short sleeves regardless.)

Anyway, I must add this top to my queue. Since I'm knitting from my stash, I should probably look through all of my sweater-quantity yarn to see if I have something appropriate in the DK weight that this sweater calls for. The original yarn, Berocco Softwist, is discontinued. Alas, I loved that yarn. But I'm sure I have something. Hold on . . .

Found it! I have a bunch of balls of Rowan Tapestry. It's in the blue/white variegated colorway, which should go well with the wave theme. The decorative panel on the front of the sweater is bold enough to stand up to the variegated yarn, too. I think it'll be a beauty. Now I just need to squeeze it into my knitting schedule. Time is the knitter's enemy, at least for this knitter! Why does it just whiz past?

Join me in a lace journey, won't you? Even if it's just adding a lace pattern to your queue; that's something, right?

And if you don't have a copy of Lace Style, get one STAT! It's fantastic, and it's now available as an eBook.


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