Variegated Yarns and Lovecats: Pair the Two Right Meow!

One of the biggest trends lately is variegated yarns. All those lovely colors blended into one jaw-dropping skein. But these beauties always raise a few of questions:

“What do I make with that?”

“How will the colors look in a finished project?”

But rest assured my yarn-loving friends; with just a few tips on planned color pooling you will never pass up variegated yarns again. You’re welcome.

Last year we released our first Lovecats Cowl Kit in a silver tabby colorway. This simple yet stunning project highlights planned color pooling—a technique that “stacks” colors from a multicolor yarn in purposeful designs. This cowl design is like catnip for knitters.

variegated yarns

We have once again partnered with Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts founder Caroline Sommerfeld to create another custom colorway for the our new Lovecats Speckled Tuxedo Cowl Kit. This exclusive kit contains a skein of hand-painted Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts 3-Ply Fingering/Sock 80% Superwash Fine Merino 20% Nylon Yarn, a deliciously scented Lavender and Rosemary Love + Leche Lotion Bar shaped as two kitties cuddled up in yin-yang position, and the Lovecats Cowl Pattern. Oh yeah, and a paper bag for your furry friends!

As an added bonus, as with all of their MEOW yarns, Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts donates a portion of their yarn proceeds to charities benefiting stray and abandoned cats.

Some people are intimidated by planned color pooling. To help all knitters feel confident tackling this technique and the Lovecats Cowl design Interweave created a step-by-step tutorial video for planned color pooling techniques and tricks.

Another fun feature of the Lovecats Speckled Tuxedo Cowl Kit is the exclusive design by Caroline Sommerfeld. Featuring bands of Cat’s Paw lace alternating with garter bands, and through the magic of planned pooling, the cowl has stripes!

variegated yarns

If you love cats, lace, and knitting but need a project that reflects your specific furry feline Interweave also carries the exclusive iCat Cowl Knitting Kit. This cat-inspired knitting project is also made with yarn from the MEOW line and is available in Grey Tabby, Calico, Blue Persian, Maine Coon Kali, and Cheshire Cat.

Lovecats and Variegated Yarns: Make it Happen Right Meow!

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