Lovecats Cowl: A One-Skein Paw-ject You’ll Love

Those who know me well know that my love of knitting is second only to my love of cats. In fact, my roommates have a running theory that I am secretly a large humanoid robot piloted by cats in an effort to learn more about humanity. To them, I say, “Prove it,” as I sit knitting my tuxedo cat-inspired Lovecats Cowl.

In all seriousness, though, I love cats so much that it hurts sometimes. I feel a very real pang when I see a cat I’ll never get to pet, whether in a window or in a photograph. My deepest feline-related regret is that I never knew the cat my parents had before I was born, a big, beautiful tuxedo cat named Sampson.

I’ve always loved to hear stories about Sampson. For example, my dad fed “Sam” the milk from his cereal bowl every day, and if Dad ever tried to drink the milk himself, Sampson would push his face in the way and demand his share. Sampson loved pizza, pasta, and people, but when my mom first moved in, he wasn’t so sure about her . . . especially the fact that she took over his coveted spooning spot next to my dad!

Lovecats Cowl

Tragically, the only pictures that survive of Sampson are super blurry, but you can see him chowing down on that pizza! (Note: This was the ’80s and my dad didn’t know most cats are lactose intolerant!)

When I saw the new colorway released for Interweave’s Lovecats Cowl Kit, I gasped out loud and said, “Sampson!” I knew I was going to have to make my own version for my parents to remember their beloved feline friend. Luckily, this new Speckled Tuxedo colorway is wonderfully unisex, so my parents can take turns wearing it!

The charming Lovecats Cowl Kit has been re-released in a new colorway: Speckled Tuxedo!

This charming kit, designed just for cat-lovers, also includes a bar of Love + Leche’s solid lotion, scented with rosemary and lavender and shaped as two kitties cuddled up in yin-yang position.

Not only is this kit a great way to remember or celebrate a beloved tuxedo cat in your life, but it’s also a great way to brush up on color pooling! You’ll learn how to stack the colors and patterns of this gorgeous speckled and striped yarn to make purposeful designs. Here’s an example, using the original colorway of the Lovecats Cowl, now out of stock:

If you’d like to knit the Lovecats Cowl pattern in a colorway that purr-fectly matches your own feline friend, rather than this cute Tuxedo colorway, check out Ancient Arts for yarns inspired by cat breeds from Abyssinian to Blue Persian to Calico. For this cowl knitting pattern, you’ll get the best results if you choose a variegated yarn with a repeating color sequence. Ideally, look for a yarn with repeats of 7-10 inches.

So how did this bounty of feline-inspired yarn come about? Caroline Sommerfeld was a volunteer with the Meow Foundation, an animal rescue group focusing on stray and abandoned cats, for over 12 years before she founded Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts. The Meow line of cat-inspired yarn colorways was developed with the goal of continuing to fundraise for animal charities. If you’d like to learn about how the money raised from Lovecats Cowl yarn sales is used, here’s a Q&A with Caroline.

Give your feline-loving side some attention and treat yourself to the Lovecats Cowl Kit. Whether you keep the finished cowl or give it away to a friend with an adorable tuxedo cat, this is a kit you’ll savor and treasure.

Yours in Stitches,

Cast On Your “Purr-fect” Cowl

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