Curse of the Love Sweater

Superstitions can be deeply disturbing. Many people believe in certain “signs” or universal cues. With Valentine’s Day looming, we are here to acknowledge a deeply held belief in the knitting world: the love sweater curse.

The principle behind Curse of the Love Sweater (also known as the curse of the boyfriend sweater) is that if you knit your significant other a sweater, you are effectively putting your relationship at risk. Hannah Baker, editor of knitscene, elaborates: “There is a dark curse that looms (pun intended) over all knitters. It resides in the hands of those knitting sweaters for their partners. For when one knits and gifts a sweater to one’s S.O., the relationship is DOOMED. Hence the reason I only made socks for my last boyfriend. We still broke up.”

This sounds far-fetched, but we have to assume that like most cultural myths, there is a kernel of truth at the heart of it. Should you question whether or not this superstition is widely held, we encourage you to perform your own Google search on the matter.  There’s a novel named for it. There’s a blog named after it. There’s a band called Sweater Curse. The question remains, is it true? We have plenty of anecdotal evidence and curse believers around the Interweave office.

Interweave Social Media Manager Andrea Lotz doesn’t even like to talk about it. “The curse is the reason why I make a lot of hats and scarves.” Almost as if discussing the curse would empower it, that is all she had to say on the subject.

love sweater curse

This image is just as disturbing as the Curse of the Love Sweater.

This curse perception is so strong that there are those who believe in it, even if they have never fallen victim to it. Sara Dudek, associate editor of Interweave Crochet, explains, “My boyfriend will occasionally say, ‘you should knit this sweater for me.’ It never happens. I refuse. I like having him around.”

Interweave Knits Editor Meghan Babin echoes that sentiment, “No, it’s never happened to me. But that is because I simply won’t knit a sweater for someone I’m dating—not that it has helped my relationship track record any.” Make no mistake, Meghan is a believer.

We trust that our audience has a clear feel for what works for them and what doesn’t. If you have made sweaters for your partner and this curse has never reared its ugly head, we applaud your luck! On the other hand, if you are painfully aware of how true this superstition can be . . . we have a lot of hat, scarf, and sock patterns to fill your need to make and give.

In the end, you have a clear choice. Do you cringe at the thought of a broken mirror? Do you think opening up an umbrella inside is a harbinger of doom? If yes, then don’t attempt a love sweater. If you scoff at knitting superstitions and feel confident in the foundation upon which you have built your relationship, then by all means, give it a go.

Just remember, you could be knitting at your own relationship peril.

Knit at Your Own Peril

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