Love of Knitting in a Digital Bundle—7 Reasons to Get It!

Winter, spring, summer, or fall—all you have to do is call (up the file on your computer or device). Love of Knitting will be there in a handy digital collection. Enjoy 78 projects, informative articles, book and product reviews, and much more.

Need more convincing?

1. Fill your closet with sweaters from top designers like Melissa Leapman, Quenna Lee, and Kristen TenDyke, as shown above in our featured image! These are classic examples from the pages of Love of Knitting, and we will continue to bring you intriguing and beautiful projects to keep you engrossed in your knitting queue. Clockwise from left,  the Embossed Leaves Pullover by Rebecca Blair; Winter Wonderland Aran by Melissa Leapman; Canyon Lace Tank by Kristen TenDyke; Barcelona Pullover by Quenna Lee; Bold Stripes Jacket by Brigitte Reydams.

2. The kids won’t skip this train, and you’ll love the kids’ projects.

love of knitting

Window Cat Child’s Cardigan by Jennifer Raymond; Crocagator Booties by Molly Conroy; OXO Pullover by Jessie McKitrick; Megan Kreiner’s fabulous Circus Train.

3. Create knits for men that they will wear. Find out what he wants with this handy survey!

love of knitting

Clockwise from upper left: Vertical Stripes Cardigan by Kristen TenDyke; Daddy & Me Hats by Fatimah Hinds; Wishbone Sweater by Allison Jane; Crestwood Socks by Dana Gervais.

4. You can’t frostbite me! Mitts, hats, cowls, and scarves will keep everybody cozy.

love of knitting

Clockwise from left: Day of the Dead Cowl by Tanis Gray; Chain Links Set by Jen Hagan; Hoot Sweet Hat & Mitts by Triona Murphy.

5. Feather your nest with pillows and afghans.

love of knitting

Kristen TenDyke’s Garter Cable Pillows (left); Faye Kennington’s Feather Throw (right).

6. You need shawls for all occasions, from simple to elegant.

love of knitting

Colorplay Crescent Shawl by Jen Lucas (left); Curving Triangle Wrap by Tian Connaughton (center); Shades of White Shawl by Melissa Leapman (right).

7. Don’t miss a single trick: read about substituting yarns, adapting patterns for seamless construction, understanding sleeve types, and other essential knitting tips.

love of knitting

Unlock the secrets of yarn substitution.

Tell us what you’re making from Love of Knitting! What’s your favorite project of the year?

love of knitting

Here’s to more and better knitting!

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