Love of Knitting Spring 2016

Love of Knitting Spring 2016 Magazine Cover

Everybody longs for spring when it seems like winter will never end, but we forget that spring is a season of contradictions. Before new seedlings can pop out of the ground, old plants have to rot away. Warm temperatures turn snowy landscapes into muddy ones, then the puddles freeze overnight. Cold, damp mornings become hot muggy afternoons and chilly evenings.

Projects in this issue of Love of Knitting play on opposites too. You’ll find soft, lacy designs; dramatic shapes and colors; delicate hues and bold colors. Layer up. Cool down. Be ready for anything!

Spring Blossoms

Graphic & Geometric

Seamless Style

Romantic Wraps


Knitter’s Guide to Fit: Drop Shoulders
Carol J. Sulcoski


Editor’s Letter
Deborah Gerish

Louisa Demmitt

Fun Finds
Louisa Demmitt


Basic Knitting Instructions

Web Bonus

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