Love of Knitting Corrections 2010

Fall 2010

Bingo Jacket, page 51
Our apologies for the missing section of the Bingo Jacket. The entire pattern is shown here and can be downloaded or printed.
Bingo Jacket Pattern_REVISED

Color Block Pullover, page 86
The child’s Color Block Pullover pattern and schematic are shown as a cardigan. The sweater pictured is a pullover.
Download corrected pattern.

Spring 2010

White Pearls Jacket, pages 20 and 55-56
We regret there is an error in the neck trim instructions.  The pattern should read:

Neck Trim:
Knit 12 (13,14) held stitches from left front, pick up and knit 59 (63, 69) stitches along left shoulder, back, and right shoulder, knit 12 (13, 14) held stitches from right front; 83 (89, 97) sts.

Summer 2010

Denim Cardigan, page 80
We regret there is an error in the sleeve cap of this pattern. The pattern should read:

Shape Cap:
Bind off rem 8 (12,12,14,14,) sts.

Additionally, there is an error in the instructions for both the right and left front sections. The armhole shaping should read as follows:

Work even until armhole measures 5½ (5¾ , 6, 6 ½, 6 ¾)”, ending with a RS row.