Looking forward to spring knitting!

Poppy would rather be watching me knit!     
"Seriously?!? I think I can hold it until
the temp gets above zero, Mom!"

What is with this winter storm marching across America? It's so cold here we have to leave a faucet dripping so our pipes don't freeze!

Don't get me wrong, I love any excuse to wrap up in my knitted scarves, hats, and mittens, but I'm ready for it to warm up a bit.

As I write this, it's a bracing 8 degrees F! When I got up this morning and let Poppy out it was -1, and she wasn't happy about it (photo at left)!

When will spring get here? I know my crocuses are out there somewhere, and I'll bet they're aching for spring just like I am.

I decided to give myself a little pick-me-up by taking a browse through the Interweave Store, looking at warm-weather patterns.

Below are four designs to give you spring fever. If you start knitting any one of these now, you could be finished in time to wear your garment in the warming weather!

Thinking of Spring

These patterns make me feel like casting on for spring knitting! Get out your lightweight yarns and get ready for springtime!

Pieces like the Daisy Stitch Tunic are perfect to take you from winter to spring. You can wear this beauty over a long-sleeved tee or a short-sleeved tee, and daisies are quintessentially spring, aren't they? I love the Asian look of this tunic; it's so flattering. Springtime is all about transitions, and the Lace Saddle Tee fits the bill. Smooth stockinette flows into a lace pattern on the shoulders. Wear this easy knitting pattern over a long-sleeved tee until the weather warms up!
The Double V Cardigan shrieks springtime! I love to have a cardi to throw on when spring breezes blow. This cardigan takes a simple silhouette and takes it to the next level with a lovely, double V lace pattern. I love the blousy sleeves (you can add elastic to cinch them in tighter, too!). Put a new spin on overalls! I love this knitted version of the kids classic. The Overalls Dress is great over jeans or over a monochrome tee-shirt and leggings. I love the ribbing at the hips, too. You could move the ribbing up to the waist and make the skirt longer, too. Cute!


It's warmed up to 10 degrees now. Maybe Poppy wants to go out and play!

Or maybe I'll just let her sleep and I'll continue my browse through the Interweave Store, dreaming of springtime. Join me!


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