Looking Forward: The Future of Interweave Knits

In the world of knitting magazines, summer is a busy time. For me, it’s a time of travel, photoshoots, and press days. Why? Because Fall is a knitter’s season. And in order to produce lots of content for fall knitting, we work hard during the summer months.

I edit three Fall issues, to be exact: Interweave Knits, Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts, and knit.wear. The Fall issue of Interweave Knits comes out first. Look for it in late August. I’d like to talk a little bit about this issue and give you some sneak peeks.

We did the photography for Fall in two cool locations: The Colorado Railroad Museum and the Clear Creek History Park, both in Golden, Colorado. One of the things I’m really striving for, as the new editor of Interweave Knits, is capturing knitted projects with strong, evocative photography. The locations should be interesting and inspiring. I like wide open landscapes and rustic textures. Shooting in Colorado provides so many options for gorgeous locations. 

The styling should be simple, relaxed, and not interfere with the knits. The looks shouldn’t be too dressed up or overwrought—they should reflect how real knitters dress, how you’d actually style a sweater. You know, an editor inherits a brand when she takes over a magazine (I talked about this in another post), but she also gets the chance to shape the content in a way that reflects her own vision, while adhering to that brand. Personally, I find a lot of inspiration in menswear—here's a Pinterest board of mine. I bring a certain rugged, relaxed aesthetic to the photoshoots for Knits, which felt particularly appropriate for the wooly, rich, outerwear-driven designs in the upcoming Fall issue. (Note that these are outtakes taken with my iPhone, and not the real photography!)

As I move forward assigning projects for Interweave Knits, I’m also looking at having the samples made larger, so that we can use models who are slightly larger. I’m also looking for models of diverse ages. For instance, below is one of our favorite new models; you'll see her (and this sweater) in the Fall issue. She's a mom; she has smile lines; she's a size larger than the standard model; and she's vibrant and irresistible in person. 

Knitting is such a down-to-earth, authentic craft. I want the magazine to reflect that authenticity—to be pretty and inspiring, but alsoreal. The Fall issue begins to reflect where I’d like to take the magazine, and future issues will do so even more. I hope you’ll continue to follow our efforts on the magazine. If you’re not a subscriber, consider subscribing so that you can join us on this journey into wonderful knitting, big landscapes, and intriguing techniques. Here’s a glimpse into what the next few issues will offer:

  • Profiles of knitting luminaries, like Clara Parkes and Galina Khmeleva
  • Colorwork, cables, dropped stitches, lace
  • Southwestern-inspired designs
  • Henleys and waffle stitch and knit-purl combinations
  • The New Aran: wonderful cable patterns in classic shapes . . . but a modern palette
  • Kimono jackets that are artful and wearable
  • Lots of must-have accessories such as socks, shawls, and hats
  • Features such as “The Hidden Yarn Shops of Manhattan”
  • And so much more!





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