A Trip to Brooklyn Tweed (and a Brand-New Project!)

One week ago, I found myself having Voodoo donuts and coffee at the Brooklyn Tweed yarn company headquarters in Portland, Oregon. I was with about twenty other women who were on the same trip in order to Escape for the weekend. Our first stop was the office of this iconic company, which was created by knitwear designer and photographer Jared Flood in the mid-2000s. As our tour of the facility began, we walked from the naturally lit open desk area lined with knitting reference books on shelves, down the hall, and into the warehouse that houses boxes and boxes . . . and boxes of Brooklyn Tweed yarn.

We got to hear from Customer and Community Relations specialist Jamie Maccarthy the history of the Brooklyn Tweed company and its yarns, fondle some amazing garments knit with BT yarn, and meet the founder and creative director himself, Jared Flood. Then, we got to shop.

All the women sort of wandered about aimlessly (or maybe a little overwhelmed) for a bit, not exactly sure where to start or what to put our paws on first. Eventually, most everyone settled on some line of BT yarn that seemed to speak to each of us directly—whether from the texture, the color, the smell, or all of the above. Because I already have much too much yarn, when I set my eyes on a bag with just two skeins of Shelter in the Tent colorway (it’s so beautiful and velvety), I knew that was exactly what was meant to come with me. I think it’s going to become a cabled, be-pom-pommed hat.

Brooklyn Tweed

As Brooklyn Tweed has grown over the years and added yarn lines to their brand, they have kept their commitment to keep all of their wool sourcing and production right here in the United States. Their colorways are beautiful and rich, regardless of the weight of the yarn, the texture, or if it was worsted or woolen spun (the former is smoother, the latter airier, more delicate). Here at Interweave we work with Brooklyn Tweed yarns a lot, so it is only natural that this year’s issue of Interweave Knits Gifts should include a project—a set, actually—made with the exemplary Loft yarn, an airy fingering-weight, Targhee-Columbia wool blend.

Brooklyn Tweed

The gorgeous set of projects made with three rich colorways of Loft is the Long Johns Hat and Mittens set. A beautiful band of deep red and mustard colorwork displays prominently on the hat and the mittens, with a tweedy neutral as the background color. It’s manageable colorwork on a small scale, perfect as a gift to yourself or to someone you love whom you want to stay warm this winter. If you haven’t experienced Brooklyn Tweed’s woolen-spun yarns, give Loft a try in this kit, and see why everyone really loves knitting with it. It’s the stuff that classic knits are made of.

Brooklyn Tweed is used to make the Long John Hat and Mittens Set

Happy knitting with Loft,

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  1. Anonymous at 7:16 pm September 24, 2018

    Not hat and mitten weather here. Broke another heat record–95 degrees today. I just can’t think about yarn.

    • Jenn at 10:05 pm September 24, 2018

      We feel you here at Interweave. We may be in Colorado, but it’s definitely the sunny part. Here’s hoping that if we talk about yarn enough, sweater season will finally arrive. Stay cool! ~ Jenn

  2. Anonymous at 7:18 pm September 24, 2018

    Not hat and mittens weather here. We had another heat record today– 95 degrees. I just can’t think about yarn.

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