Love of Knitting Summer 2017

You may surmise from my editor’s letter in Love of Knitting Summer 2017 that I am not an “active” person. At work, I use a computer; in my leisure hours, I knit or engage in other textile- and yarn-related crafts. These tasks require spending a lot of time on my keister. Counterintuitively, my fitness tracker actually ENABLES more sitting around: after I bought it last spring, I noticed that my step counts soared each evening. It turns out that my tracker counts each knitting stitch as a step. Now that sitting on the couch and knitting while I watch TV counts as exercise, my weekly stats look terrific!

But these “alternative numbers” don’t make me feel (or look) any better. Experience has taught me that real exercise improves my mood, stretches out my middle-aged joints and muscles, and keeps my weight under control. How can I commit to a consistent workout schedule and explore more of Colorado’s natural beauty without giving up valuable knitting time? I’m easing into these activity goals with a new idea I’m calling “action knitting.”

No, it’s not knitting on the treadmill—that would be like running with scissors! Instead, action knitting puts me in a ready-to-get-active mindset and produces items useful for my favorite non-craft activities. For instance, while knitting a pair of hiking mitts, I can plan my first hike in the Rocky Mountains. Or as I make a lacy shawl, I can imagine myself wearing it on a walking tour of Fort Collins. I can even practice deep breathing when I knit a swatch-cloth (sweat-cloth?) for yoga sessions.

love of knitting summer 2017

Stefanie Bold’s Mottled Mitts, from the Pathfinder story; Faina Goberstein’s Museum Piece Pullover from the Wayfarer story.

This (hopefully brilliant) concept inspired my pattern choices for Love of Knitting Summer 2017. Knit up elegant summer tops and striking shawls for your urban adventures in “Wayfarer”—these versatile pieces can take you from a day of sightseeing to a night on the town. With “Beachcomber,” get ready for some time by the water with three light sweaters, a stunning poncho, Marly Bird’s oversized tote, and a convenient scrub set for washing off sand, saltwater, or sunscreen. Then let “Pathfinder” take you into the wild with two comfy garments and handy accessories for rock climbing, hiking, or camping. Our Cuddly Panther toy can make kids (or nervous grown-ups) feel comfortable in the woods—he’s ready to defend you at a moment’s notice!

love of knitting summer 2017

Kristina Smiley’s Moonlight Poncho, from the Beachcomber story; a Cuddly Panther from Lisa Jacobs can go anywhere you need a friend.

Less Frogging Ahead

Other great reads in Love of Knitting Summer 2017:

·      Carol J. Sulcoski resumes her series on sleeves with the whys and wherefores of modified drop-shoulder sleeves.

·      Kristen TenDyke demonstrates her top-down seamless method for modified drop-shoulder sleeves.

·      A new department called “Better Than Frogging”: when a big problem threatens a project’s very survival, we propose some solutions that don’t involve (much) ripping out. In our first installment, see how Assistant Editor Sarah salvaged a gigantic hat project.

What can you do with a hat like this? Read “Better Than Frogging” for some ideas.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the magazine’s new look, see what you’re making, and answer your questions about projects or knitting in general. We’d especially love ideas for the “Better Than Frogging” department. Win a prize if we use your idea—I’ll knit you a tiny frog!

Happy stitching (with less frogging!),


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