Little Lamb Sock Critter Knit-Along, Part IV

Hello and welcome back! I hope your Little Lamb Sock Critter is coming along nicely! Click here to download your free pattern of the Little Lamb Sock Critter so you can knit along with us!

In last week's segment, we covered a lot (we worked up our lamb's torso, neck, and the head), so if it takes you a little longer to finish the last section, don't worry. This blog post will stay up, so you can always come back a little later to finish this next section.

Today's segment covers all of the "finishing" of our little lamb, so you'll want to have made all of your pieces first. That will include two little arms (these are made much like the legs, but in the round) as well as three little moss stitch pockets–two for the ears and one for the tail. Now that you've mastered reading your moss stitch, this part of the pattern should be a breeze.

My suggestion would be to stuff the main body and legs first and sew them up first, then to add the ears, tail, and arms. As I describe in the video, when stuffing your lamb, you'll want to use more rather than less stuffing. This will give him a full look and keep him from ending up looking a little deflated after repeated hugs. His ears don't need to be stuffed; just shape them like I show you in the video and sew them down. In our version, we didn't stuff his tail either, but instead of folding it over and shaping it like the ears, we left it flat and sewed it to his backside. If you prefer to give him a fluffier tail, you can go ahead and stuff it.

Once you've finished sewing all the parts ot his body, you'll want to add the felt for his face. TIP: if you're unsure about the placement of his eyes, stick some straight pins in his face first to get a sense of exactly where to put them, before sewing them on. BONUS TIP: No felt? No problem! French knots or crocheted circles make great eyes as well!

That's it for this knit-along. I hope you’ve learned a couple of new techniques and that your Little Lamb turns out well. Finally, I hope you'll share it with us on the Knitting Daily TV group on Ravelry! I can't wait to see how you've made this project your own!

And join us next week for the latest Lion Brand knit-along, the Tabard Vest–a great looking vest for all shapes and sizes that incorporates some easy knitting skills that we'll master together.


The little lamb sock critter knit-along on Knitting Daily TV Series 500 is sponsored by Lion Brand Yarn. For the yarn shown in this knit-along, visit

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