Little Lamb Sock Critter Knit-Along, Part II

Hello and welcome back, Little Lamb Sock Critter Knitters!

(If you're just joining this knit-along, be sure to download your free pattern for the Little Lamb Sock Critter here. Welcome to our knit-along!)

In this week's segment, I show you how to take your two knit-flat legs and join them together to go directly into the body. You may be wondering why we are joining the legs directly to the body to work, instead of making the body first and then sewing the legs on at the end. We're doing this because (a) less seaming (who doesn't love a little less seaming) and (b) it gives our Lamb a cleaner look–no funny cut-off leg joints for him! It's also (as mentioned last time) a great chance to practice joining pieces together by casting on extra stitches at the end of a row.

As you'll see in the video below, we cast on new stitches at the beginning of the row, "growing" the fabric's width out (while it's on the left working needle). Since there are two pieces (my two legs), I do this first at the right edge of the right leg, then in the middle I do it at the right edge of the left leg. Finally, when I work across the left leg to the end of its existing stitches, I switch needles since we've reached the left edge–and since I can only cast on stitches from the right edge–to turn my work and then I cast on my last four stitches at that new right edge. Now I'm ready to work the 2nd row of the chart/written directions of the body.

After you watch the video (and if you haven't started already), go ahead and make your legs, join them as I show you in the video, and–if you feel comfortable working with cables–go ahead and start working up the body. TIP: Don't forget that since the chart only shows you the view of the piece from one side, the symbols mean different things when you're facing the right side (RS) as opposed to the wrong side (WS). You'll also notice that the cabling only happens on the RS; this is to make things easier for you.

Good luck as you make the legs and connect them. Next week, we'll take a look at that cable pattern and continue to work up the body!

Don't forget to leave a message and tell us how you're doing!

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