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Hi, my name is Lisa and I write a weekly column for the Interweave blog called Lisa’s List. This has been a fun ride for me; in these knitting blogs, I’ve waxed on about everything from dating non-knitters to the world’s best yarn destinations. And you guys seem to like my lists, which makes this way more fun!

Now that I have 5 months’ worth of lists under my belt, I thought it would be nice to look back at the most popular posts and resurface them for readers who haven’t seen them.

So here we go—a Lisa’s List of the Top 5 Lisa’s Lists!


1.     12 Yarn Balls Types and How to Knit with Them

This week, I set out to write about types of yarn balls and put-ups, but things were not as simple I’d expected. The thing I’ve called a skein my whole life? Other people call it a hank. The thing I call a ball? Other people call it a bullet skein. Whoa! And so we enter the real debate of the 21st century: skein or hank? Ball or skein? Read More…

yarn ball types

2.     8 Ways to Knit and Why You’d Want To

How do you knit? What are the basic methods of knitting? There are several standard ways of carrying the working yarn, and of course weirdoes like Hannah and I develop our own curious variations on those. Here’s an overview of the best positions for different needs; perhaps there’s something new you’d like to try tonight! Read More…

knitting techniques

3.     14 Trip Ideas for Yarnies

There are so many amazing yarn destinations in the world—places such as Peru, Scandinavia, Italy, Uruguay, Turkey, Scotland, Australia, and more. Where would you like to go? And where have you been that others should know about? Read More…

yarn destinations

4.     6 Armholes and How to Make Them Work for your Body

There are a lot of elements that go into a sweater’s fit. We talk about waist shaping and bust darts and ease and a host of other things when we talk about fit, but my firm belief has always been: fit starts with the armhole. And the kind of armhole that will give YOU the best fit is largely determined by your bust. What’s your bust got to do with it? Read More…

types of sweater armholes

5.     17 Amazing Yarn Tattoos You Have to See

Here I am, looking up ideas for awesome neck tattoos. And a little thought crept into my head—what if it was a KNITTING TATTOO? At first, I shook it off, nahhh. I want a mountain or an eagle or a frigate ship, something MEANINGFUL. But what has shaped the path of my life more than knitting? Not frigate ships. Read More…

knitting tattoos

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Thanks for joining me on this journey, and if you have any ideas or requests for future lists, please chime in on the comments.

Happy knitting,


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