Lisa’s List: 10 Knitting Conversations with Your Significant Other

So, I’ve been seeing a new guy since Thanksgiving, and like the significant others before him, he’s discovering the magic of knitting through me.

And I’m getting to field the now-familiar questions—the same endearing questions you, too, have probably been asked by significant others, friends, businessmen on airplanes, and various other muggles. Can you relate to these snippets of dialogue?

1.     Points to your hat.

Did you make that?


How long did it take?

2.     Points to his store-bought Henley.

Could you make this?

Yes, on tiny needles.

How long would that take?

3.     Frowning at a hole in his sock.

Could you knit socks for me?


How much would that cost?

knitters questions

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4.     Looking at the menswear in Interweave Knits Winter.

Does a sweater have to be made out of yarn?

I don’t understand the question.

It’s just so itchy. Could the neck be made of something else?

5.     Getting ready for a winter outing, he shows you his Smartwool base layer.

You know, this is special wool. It’s high tech.

What does it do?

It keeps you warm, but it doesn’t make you sweat. You should find out where they get their sheep.

6.     Slips his hands into your back pockets when he goes in for a kiss.

Can you knit jeans?

Um, I think denim is usually a woven fabric.

Wait, what’s the difference between knit and woven?

7.     Watching you wind a skein into a ball using an umbrella swift.

Why do they make the yarn like that? Why doesn’t it just come in balls?

Some yarn does.

Why don’t you buy that yarn?

8.     You walk into the living room one day to find him holding the fabric of his T-shirt up close to his face.

Babe, what are you doing?

[light bulb goes off above his head]

I can see it! I can see the V’s!

9.     Sees a man crocheting at the coffee shop. Whispers in your ear:

That’s a weird needle he’s working with.

10.  Pausing by a rack of sweaters at the mall; obviously thinking hard as he touches the identical blue pullovers.

Are these good quality? They’re not as good as yours.

They’re machine-made, but check the tag. See what they’re made of.

[Look of contempt on his face as he looks up, the tag between his fingers.]

Acrylic. Ugh.

[You turn away, smiling and shaking your head.]


[You turn back.]


Maybe you could make me a sweater, one day?

Yes, I’d like that.

[Smiling big.] Great! Let’s start a Pinterest board.

Cuteness aside, I love teaching people, especially new love interests, about my craft and the world of textiles. I find that the questions non-knitters most commonly ask me concern the amount of time projects take to make, and the “street value” of my finished goods—i.e., how much would this handknit scarf cost if you were selling it? People are obsessed with time and money, that’s for sure.

What’s the funniest thing your partner has ever asked you about your knitting?

With affection,


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