Lily Chin Knits Power Cables

I've been waiting so eagerly for Lily Chin's new book Power Cables and it's finally here. Leave it to Lily to come up with a book that totally demystifies cables and gives A TON of cable patterns and projects that use these cables inventively and beautifully.

Lily excels at making complicated knitting directions clear and accessible, and Power Cables is no different. I've done lots of cabling, and I learned several new things within five minutes of reading Lily's book.

Here's Lily on Knitting Daily TV talking about several of the projects in her new book. Enjoy!

The 5-Way Cable Wrap from Power Cables by Lily Chin

Lily's 5-Way Cable Wrap

I know you can't wait to start cabling like Lily, so here's the 5-Way Cable Wrap from the book, a free pattern to get you going until you get your copy of Power Cables

The Cable Wrap is the epitome of versatility. Wear it as a stole, a shrug, a poncho-the options are so varied that you'll find yourself reaching for it again and again.

And it's an addictive knit, too; you'll want to see those cables develop quickly!

Here's to power cabling!



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