“Join” Lily Chin in this Join-as-You-Go Knitting Workshop

I make no secret of the fact that I’m a lazy knitter. I’ll work intricate stitch patterns all day long, but when it comes to finishing and seaming, bleurgh. I have three sweaters that I knit in pieces, just waiting to be sewn together. They have been waiting since 2017.

modular knitting

Look Ma, no seams!

Lily Chin’s Join as You Go Knitting workshop is made for people like me. As a fellow knitter who also despises sewing, Lily has figured out how to knit and join things without seams. Any seams.

modular knitting

Yes, you can do this without any sewing. We promise.

Even if you don’t mind sewing, there are many reasons to join your knitting as you go. Want to incorporate vertical color changes in a project, but don’t want the fuss of intarsia? Lily shows how to create a colorful afghan in a super-sneaky, non-intarsian way. And if that seems like a mere parlor trick, wait until she shows you how to insert whole new sections into already-knitted garments. Maybe you have a beloved sweater that’s all pilled along the sides and inner arms, and you want to replace those worn bits. Or maybe you just want something a bit roomier, or more colorful, or whatever. Inserting vertical bands is just genius.

modular knitting

Yes, there is math here. But really only if you feel like it.

Joining as you go is a form of modular knitting, and it’s a great way to add collars, button bands, and other finishing doo-dads with little effort and great polish. However, those same collars and button bands might be knit with a different yarn—or in a different gauge—than the main garment. More importantly, when are knitting one piece onto another, you often need to match the stitch gauge along with the row gauge. Never fear: Lily shows you how to calculate for that.

Lily describes herself as “all about the options, baby.” and this workshop gives you a whole new set of tools for your knitting. Sweater weather is around the corner, so why not add these to your knitting toolbox and register today?

Join As You Go Knitting is now a streamable workshop you can watch at your own pace—anywhere, anytime, on any device. Buy the course outright and the videos are yours to download and keep forever.

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