Top 5 Lightweight Cardigans for Summer

My love of cardigans knows no bounds; hot, steamy weather cannot keep us apart. However, it can make me a little more selective in my cardigan choices. Lightweight cardigans are just the thing for warm days; they’re small enough to tuck into a bag and carry with you for whatever temperatures you encounter. They both keep you warm in the chilly indoors and protect you from getting sunburned. They’re perfect for any weather!

Here are my top 5 favorite lightweight cardigans.

The Geodesic Cardigan

lightweight cardigans

Made in laceweight yarn, this cardigan has a series of tucks along the upper bodice to create a slightly military look. Make it in a linen or silk yarn and pop it on over a tank top and shorts for just a little extra warmth.

The Whisper Cardigan

lightweight cardigans

A perennial favorite. A hybrid of a shrug and a cardigan, it’s perfect for throwing on over a cute strappy sundress to keep the sun off your shoulders. Use a generously-sized skein like Lorna’s Laces Helen’s Lace or Brown Sheep Company Legacy Lace, and it’s a one-skein project with only a few ends to weave in.

The Lepidoptera Cardigan

lightweight cardigans

Lace fronts add a frilly touch to this delicate cardigan. With waist shaping and set-in sleeves, it adds a classy element to any outfit. The soft alpaca yarn is extra warm for over-air conditioned restaurants.

Audrey’s Cardigan

lightweight cardigans

This cardigan uses a satin ribbon to ruche the front, creating a decidedly feminine look. Let it drape open for a more traditional shape, or wear it tied up in a bow for a bolero look. Make it out of a fuzzy silk and mohair blend for a little extra glamour.

The Beulah Cardigan

lightweight cardigans

A cropped 50s-style cardigan, this embroidered piece is just the thing for slipping on over a full-skirted skirt and pairing with big vintage sunglasses. Use chain-stitch embroidery as shown here, or create your own unique design.

What are your favorite warm-weather cardigans?


Lightweight cardigans for all my friends!

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