Life Is Good® When You Master Peace

A lot of words are bandied about the yarnosphere like, “stress-relief” and “fulfillment.” The Craft Yarn Council just spent an entire month encouraging their followers to “Stitch Away Stress.” There is a New York Times article that surfaces semi-regularly regarding the mental health benefits of both knitting and crochet.

Why all of this buzz regarding the personal fulfillment, the mental health boost, the stress-reliever? It’s just the truth. Of course we are fans of getting more of the general population to knit. Learning the craft is for one’s own benefit and personal well-being. Why wouldn’t we want more rookies in the game? Surely our non-knitting friends could use a little push into peaceful knitting territory.

Start Knitting & Find Your Peace

Passing along the skills that you have learned means gifting another human the means to find their own inner peace. Forget the frogging for a second and remember the flow. That’s the sweet spot. That is mastering peace.

Even if for the briefest of moments, this is ripe territory for creativity and inspiration. And we highly encourage both. So much so, that we had a Life Is Good® t-shirt made.

Our Life Is Good® Master Peace tee is a bit about bragging rights (“I’m a knitter, and knitters make the world go ‘round.”) and a bit about finding stress-free bliss. Mastering peace is a life-long struggle, is it not? We’re lucky to have the handmade life to help us along the way.

Also, it’s cool when you get to do all of that peaceful livin’ and knittin’ while wearing a comfortable, well-made cute tee like this one. Short or long-sleeved, you are ready to spread the message about the benefits of knitting to anyone who might want to learn.

Cheers and keep on knitting,


Life Is Good® When Your Needles Are Moving

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