Let’s Preview Interweave Knits Spring 2010!

A note from Kathleen: I just saw the projects in the new Spring 2010 issue of Interweave Knits, and I'm so inspired! Spring is such a time of new things—come March I always want to throw all my winter clothes in a box and break out the shorts and tee-shirts.

Alas, it's still chilly here; no shorts yet! Plus, I have to admit I'm not quite ready to put my precious handknit sweaters away for the warm months.

I'm ready to knit for Spring, though. My favorite project (at least for today!) is Audrey's Cardigan by Andrea Pomerantz. It's so springy and feminine. And it's versatile, too—the ribbon closure is sort of a drawstring so you can cinch this up to make it shorter in front or let it out to make it longer. It's the perfect wrap for a spring cocktail party!

For more on the Spring 2010 issue, here's editor Eunny Jang to introduce the preview.

Spring Knits: Renew Your Knitting Spirit

I’m not really one for a lot of hoopla around New Year’s Eve. The misanthropic streak in me takes over, and the whole night seems to me a blur of too many bad cocktails, too many little sausages on toothpicks, too many people warbling “Auld Lang Syne” everywhere you go. Much better to hunker down in my own house with a couple of close friends, takeout vindaloo, and some old movies. Without confetti.

The year 2010, however, is worth welcoming with open arms. The prospect of a brand new year, after one that was rough in ways both intimate and global, is as appealing as a tall glass of water (and maybe an Alka-Seltzer) after those bad cocktails. The whole year reaches out before us, free from mistakes or things to regret (at least not yet!)—it’s a smooth, clean expanse of possibilities large and small, abroad and at home.

By the time this issue of Interweave Knits reaches your mailbox, spring will be just around the corner. We’ve filled the issue with fresh, breezy projects that feel just right for a new year—innovative and airy knits to recharge your needles and your knitting brain.

Ready for some open, feathery knitting after a winter of heavy stitches? We’re knitting lace, both traditional and modern (“The New Lace,” featuring the Seaweed Cardigan, pictured below middle).

Longing for crisp, clean stitch definition? Take a look at “Texture Goes Green” for cables and more in minimally processed cottons and wools. Here you'll find unique patterns like the Aran Necklace Camisole (below left).

Need something that feels completely new? “Side by Side” explores knits that grow in unexpected ways, such as in Mona's Jacket, below right.

And if you’re tired of everything fussy and finicky, turn to “All of a Piece” for some knits that need hardly any finishing (see Audrey's Cardigan, above). Be inspired to take a deep breath and dive into something bright and new.

Aran Necklace Camisole by Caroline Bautista Seaweed Cardigan by Cecily Glowik MacDonald Mona's Jacket by Mags Kandis

Rest, rekindling, and renewal—for your knitting basket, for your life. Enjoy the Spring preview; I 'm sure you'll love these fresh designs as much as we do.

Happy knitting in 2010; what will be the first thing you work on?



P.S. Be inspired to take a deep breath and dive into something bright and new—subscribe to Interweave Knits today! —Kathleen


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