Let’s have a DIY holiday!

It's so meaningful to give handmade gifts; making them is lots of fun, and the recipient is always so grateful (at least in my experience!).

I don't have time to knit gifts for everyone on my list this year, but I might have time to use my cross-crafting skills to make some of my holiday gifts. So I took a look at DIY Holiday and I found some great options that I'll really enjoy making for my peeps.

I absolutely love these mitts made from felted sweaters. I have a bunch of blanket squares that I seriously doubt will ever be used in a blanket, mostly because I didn't use washable wool! So mittens, here I come. I just love the checkerboard cuffs, so I may need to knit a strip of black and white Fair Isle and felt it. No big whoop.

Felted Sweater Mittens by Carol Zentgraf

I'm also a big fan of embroidery, so these darling little heart-shaped Shisha Ornaments struck my fancy:

Shisha Ornaments by Susan Haynes Opdahl

One of the great things about DIY Holiday is the wonderfully well-done directions. Each stitch on the Shisha Ornaments, for example, is clearly illustrated with step-by-step stitching instructions.

So even if you're unsure of yourself in a certain type of craft, you can do it!

Holiday Lights Garland by Linda Permann

One of these two projects will be perfect for so many of the people on my list, but I think I need something for myself, too. It's got to be the Holiday Lights Garland by Linda Permann. So darling, and it takes just a little of several colors of yarn. Perfect for stash-busting all of the leftover bits of cotton yarn I have in my stash. For years I've used that cotton to knit baby clothes, and I just couldn't bring myself to get rid of the remnants. I knew the right project would come along, and here it is!

Get yourself a copy of DIY Holiday today and get crafting!


P.S. Do you DIY? Leave a comment and tell us what you like to do!

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