Let’s Explore Tourlaville!

The Tourlaville Shawl (get the kit!)

The Tourlaville Shawl (get the kit!)

Tourlaville is a town in France’s Normandy region, near Cherbourg. Anyone been there? I think designer Zsuzsa Kiss (best name ever!) has, because she named her beautiful shawl after the town. Her Tourlaville Shawl (from Knitscene Fall 2015) is pretty sweet.

The cool factor starts with the bright colors, which come from the yarn, Schoppel-Wolle Zauberball yarn in #1536, Fuchsia. Any shawl pattern would look great knit in this yarn, but Zsuzsa’s multi-directional stripes really make the colors sing.

Zauberball used to be known as a sock yarn, but it’s recently been used in many fab shawls; the way the colors fade into each other is beautiful, and the long color repeats make perfect stripes.

Notice the “wings” of the shawl and that interesting stripe pattern. It seems like it might be ribbing, but it’s really worked in two-color brioche. This is a nice detail—brioche stitch is a great way to get some really beautiful texture into a project. The smooth center is stockinette, which pairs beautifully with the brioche sections.

Zsuzsa Kiss' Tourlaville Shawl incorporates stockinette and brioche stitches to make a beautiful, striped shawl

Zsuzsa Kiss’ Tourlaville Shawl incorporates stockinette and brioche stitches to make one of the most beautiful striped shawl knitting patterns.

This shawl is worked from the top-down, alternating two Zauberballs. To get the fabulous color pattern shown in the shawl above, you simply start the balls in different color repeats so you’re always knitting each row in a different color. Super clever!

Zauberball in Fushcia

Zauberball in Fuchsia

If both of your balls of yarn start with the same color, just wind off the first color repeat of one of your balls (or however many repeats you need to until you come to a section that contrasts well with your other ball of yarn), and you’re all set. Save the yarn you wind off, but don’t worry, you should have plenty of yarn.

We’ve kitted up this project for you, because we know you’ll want to knit it in that beautiful fuchsia colorway. This is also a great project for first-time two-color brioche knitters, so get your Tourlaville Shawl Kit today, before they sell out!


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