Let’s Do the Twigg!


Lake Shore Wrap from Twigg Stitch

It’s been a little over a year since the book Twigg Stitch came out, and it’s taken the knitting world by storm. Seriously—it’s one of our bestselling books.

I usually don’t put customer reviews in my newsletters, but I thought you might want to see what others think about Vicki Twigg’s fantastic book:

“Great book—wonderful instruction! Everything about this book is perfect. The technique is explained clearly and the variety of incredible stitches included is just awesome. The outcome is a double-sided beautiful fabric without the bulk of double knitting. A real must have!”—Susan

“Innovative ideas here are superb! Technique is masterful! I’ll be so very glad to be able to do the Twigg stitch; it’s explained as a refined double-knitting technique. The most fantastically beautiful items with the all inclusive instructions feature such items as Latvian braids, argyle, herringbone, Fair Isle without stranding, checkered ladder, wide ribs, triangles, leaves, diamonds, staggered ribs, and cable twists ALL done in magnificent colors. The reversible Snowflake Earflap Hat alone on pg 105 would warrant buying this book; but if you don’t invest in this book, you’re truly missing out! It’s a ‘keeper’!” —Cheryl

Susan and Cheryl highly recommend this book, as you can see, and so do I!

Twigg stitch is a refined version of double knitting that results in beautiful two-sided fabric that’s not as thick as traditional double knitting. This aspect creates accessories and garments with a softer hand than traditional double knitted items.

Here’s how it works:

Twigg-All-stepsTo begin, use one color of yarn and your favorite method (ribbed cable method shown here) to cast on an even number of stitches. Tie the other color onto the cast-on edge a few stitches in from the selvedge so you can tension both yarns equally.

Hold both yarns in your right hand (it’s helpful to anchor them around your little finger) so that A (light), which will be used for the knit stitches, is on your middle finger and B (dark), which will be used for the purl stitches, is on your index finger (Figure 1). Be sure to maintain this separation as you knit.

Step 1. With both yarns at the back, insert the right needle tip knitwise into the knit stitch (Figure 2) and knit with it (Figure 3).

Doing so forms a Twigg-knit stitch (abbreviated Tk).

Step 2. Bring both yarns to the front between the needles, insert the right needle tip purlwise into the purl stitch (Figure 4) and purl it with B, bringing B in front of A (Figure 5) so that the two yarns cross. Bring both yarns to the back (Figure 6).

Doing so forms a Twigg-purl stitch (abbreviated Tp).

Repeat Steps 1 and 2 to the end of the row.

Turn the knitting around and work with the opposite colors for the next row—hold B, which will be used for the knit stitches, over your middle finger and hold A, which will be used for the purl stitches, over your index finger (Figure 7).

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