Leg Warmers: They’re Baaaack!

Hyde Park Legwarmers

Hyde Park Leg Warmers

Kids today. I say that a lot. And the truth of the matter is that I don’t feel much older than I did twenty-five years ago. Which was about when I was wearing leg warmers. But everything old is new again, and today’s kids are wearing leg warmers; they’re the in thing!

And they’re cute, too. I have to admit it, they are just darling on those little spindly legs I see walking to school in the morning.

Designer Allyson Dykhuizen seems to have her finger on the pulse of hip fashion these days, and she’s right on target with her leg warmer designs.

Allyson’s new video workshop is a lesson in mosaic knitting, and she uses a leg warmer pattern as her teaching tool. This workshop and pattern are so perfect for beginner knitters. Allyson is a wonderful teacher, and she’ll give you the confidence to knit with double-pointed needles and use two colors of yarn. She’s got lots of helpful tips, too.

Video producer Lindsay Smith worked with Allyson on Knitted Leg Warmers; here she is to tell you more.

Learn Mosaic Knitting with Leg Warmers

One of my favorite things about Allyson Dykhuizen’s work is how she takes traditional knitting techniques that have been done many times before and gives them a modern twist. The beautiful, textured leg warmers featured in her newest Interweave Knits workshop, Knitted Leg Warmers: Learn Mosaic Knitting with Double Pointed Needles, is no exception.

I’ve seen this mosaic honeycomb pattern in so many places—from washcloths to sweaters and more—but I’ve never seen it used to create a stained glass effect using two coordinating yarns, one variegated and one solid or tonal. The difference in yarn weight also makes for an interesting effect as the colorful variegated yarn peeks out from the strong, graphic pattern created by the solid yarn.

Hyde Park LegwarmersIf you’ve never knitted in the round with double pointed needles, this workshop is an easy way to ease into making traditional cuff-down socks (my favorite), sleeves, or any other small-diameter project that needs to be worked in the round. You’ll gain valuable knitting skills while having fun knitting along with Allyson.

We’ve all got that one skein of beautiful, hand painted sock yarn that we’re holding onto because it was a souvenir from a wool festival, gifted to us by a friend, or it’s just a little bit too busy for a cable or lace sock pattern.

These leg warmers are a quick project that is perfect for this kind of yarn. Your unique sock yarn colorway won’t get hidden inside your shoes and instead makes a bold statement to add to your spring or fall wardrobe.

I think you’ll find that once you get the hang of the easy mosaic knitting technique and using double pointed needles to knit in the round, you’ll be glad to have this project in your arsenal of quick-and-easy gift ideas.

—Lindsay Smith

I think any little girl would love a pair of these leg warmers, and what a great pattern/video combo for a novice teenage knitter!

Download Knitted Leg Warmers today!

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