Free Brioche Stitch Knitting Patterns

Free brioche stitch knitting ebook filled with patterns and tutorials.Have you given brioche stitch knitting a try yet? If not, you’re in for a great surprise. Brioche stitches produce a lofty, ridged fabric where pronounced columns of knit stitches appear to float on the surface above purl troughs. Brioche belongs to a family of stitches that rely on slipped stitches worked in conjunction with yarnovers. It produces a lofty, ridged fabric that resembles knit 1, purl 1 rib. Pronounced columns of elongated knit stitches appear to float on the surface above purl troughs.


Brioche stitch is one of those pattern stitches that seems tricky, but it’s really not. The stitch uses a combination of good old knit stitches, as well as slipped stitches that are paired with yarnovers.

Brioche can be worked in the round or flat, and it makes very warm and beautiful garments and accessories. Brioche really shines when worked in two colors, and it’s actually easier to work with two colors instead of one because the two colors enable you to see the stitches really well from one row to the next.

The increases and decreases in brioche knitting are very visible, and they add so much visual interest to the project.

Brioche Stitch Basics

Knitting with brioche stitch creates a thick and chunky fabric that is double-sided and warm. It makes a wonderful knit stitch for scarves, cowls, sweaters and more. The ribbed knit pattern it creates feels luxurious when included in your wardrobe. Learn the brioche stitch in depth with our free e-book download. This download also includes several knitting patterns to help you create your first brioche stitch projects. To get started making your very first brioche stitches, follow the simple steps included below.

  1. Begin by casting an even number of stitches.
  2. Slip the first stitch off of your left needle onto your right needle purl-wise while holding your yarn in front of your work.
  3. Flip the yarn over the right needle to the back to create a yarnover.
  4. Knit one normal stitch.
  5. Repeat steps two through four until all of the stitches in the row have been worked.
  6. To begin the pattern row, slip one stitch purl-wise while holding your yarn in front of your work.
  7. Make another yarnover.
  8. Knit a stitch together with the yarnover.
  9. Repeat steps six through eight until all of the stitches in the row have been worked.
  10. Keep repeating steps six through nine to work in brioche stitch.

To learn this incredible stitch in its entirety, and be inspired by some great patterns, you’ll definitely want to check out this free brioche stitch knitting download. Start by learning how to knit brioche, then pick one of the five patterns we’ve included. Because it is reversible, this stitch is a good choice for scarves, which is why we’ve included two patterns in the collection. You’ll also find a beautiful cowl, chunky sweater, and cute top pattern. Once you get accustomed to working with the paired slipped stitch and yarnover, you’ll find brioche stitch as simple to knit as ribbing. You’ll get it all in this free download, just enter your email and enjoy!

What’s Inside?:

How to Knit Brioche Stitch

Learn how to do the Brioche stitch in knitting with this free guide.
By Nancy Marchant
Learn brioche from renowned teacher and designer Nancy Marchant. She’ll teach you the basics and get you started knitting basic brioche patterns.

Basic Brioche Cowl

Learn how to knit this basic brioche stitch cowl in our free guide.
By Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark
Begin your journey with this pretty cowl pattern. If you want to learn to knit brioche stitch in the round, this simple cowl is the perfect introduction.

Brioche Bodice

Learn how to knit this brioche stitch knitted top in our free guide.
By Katy Ryan
In this sleeveless, V-necked top, double decreases are used to shape the neckline and armhole at the same time. The decreases, placed several stitches away from the neckline, tilt the rib lines away from the center allowing them to follow and frame the neckline. Well-placed increases and decreases are one of the key parts of making brioche beautiful.

Bulky Brioche Raglan

Knit this bulky Brioche stitch sweater knitting pattern in our free guide.
By Ann Budd
In this generous raglan sweater, the body and sleeves are worked in brioche stitch in the round, from the lower edges to the armholes, and then joined and continued as a single piece to the loose, open neck. Ann shapes the armholes along raglan lines by working double decreases that maintain the integrity of the rib pattern. When the piece comes off the needles, the only seams to sew are at the underarms.

Pizzicato Scarf

You'll love making the Pizzicato Scarf while learning how to knit the Brioche stitch.
By Star Athena
Scarves are good patterns to knit when you’re learning brioche. In the Pizzicato Scarf, you’ll perfect your brioche skills and end up with a lovely scarf you’ll wear year after year.

Raised Wale Scarf

Test your skills at the Brioche stitch with this advanced scarf knitting pattern.
By Lily Chin
This pattern is for the intermediate to advanced knitter. The Raised Wale Scarf beautiful to behold on both sides. This unisex scarf is simply beautiful, and it’s the perfect brioche knitting pattern to show off your skills!

Download Brioche Stitch Knitting: Free Brioche Knitting Guide + Patterns now, and have fun learning brioche stitch knitting!



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