Learn to Knit: We Were All Beginners Once!

Learning a new craft can be a daunting experience when you’re a complete novice. So many of us started knitting with yarns, needles, and notions that weren’t ideal for our projects or individual styles because we didn’t know any better! Fortunately, Lauren Riker is here to help you get started and avoid common pitfalls in two courses from Interweave: Learn to Knit: My First Hat and Glove Set and Learn to Knit Cables: Mug Cozy and Cowl.

Lauren, the creative mind behind Girly Knits, is a talented designer and instructor with a fun and beautiful style. If you want to get started knitting and create beautiful projects you can actually wear and use as you go, these courses are for you!

learn to knit

If you are a complete beginner, we recommend starting with Learn to Knit: My First Hat and Glove Set. You’ll learn the basics of starting and finishing, fundamental stitches, as well as ways to embellish your pieces.

learn to knit

Once you’ve finished this course, you will naturally progress into Learn to Knit Cables: Mug Cozy and Cowl, where you will learn how to make those beautiful twisty braids we all love.

Whether you’re new to knitting or looking to progress to the next steps, this pair of courses has something for you! Get started today!

Yours in knitting,
Instructional Design Team

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