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Master magic loop knitting with this exclusive free guide and patterns.I started knitting circular objects—socks, gloves, mittens, hats, sleeves, and so on—on double-pointed needles (DPNs). While I enjoyed knitting the patterns, I didn’t particularly like the finished object; I always ended up with ladders where I switched from one needle to the next. I guess I wasn’t knitting those stitches tight enough, but as much as I tried to tighten them, the ladders remained. And who likes to think about tightening stitches all the time, anyway? that’s why we’re giving you FREE magic loop knitting patterns!

Because of this problem, I simply didn’t do as many “tube projects” as I wanted to. Enter the magic loop! I was at my LYS one Saturday afternoon and I saw a gal knitting a sock on the oddest looking contraption with loops sticking out of each side of the knitted sock. I asked her about it and she said she was using the magic loop method—which uses just one, long circular needle. I quickly found a class on this technique, thinking that I might enjoy it more than DPNs. I was right—the magic loop method brought me back to sock knitting!

In in the magic loop method, the stitches for a project are divided in half, and loops of cable from the needle are pulled out between the halves. The first half of the stitches are on the needles ready to be worked, and the second half rests on the cable. When the first half of the stitches are worked, the loops are rearranged so the second half of the stitches can be worked.

I think you’ll want to learn this technique, too, so I put together a free eBook on the subject, Master Magic Loop Knitting with this Free Guide + Patterns!

This eBook includes three free patterns perfect for magic loop knitting: a colorwork hat, cable socks, and a cozy pair of mittens. With your free eBook download, you’ll get professional instructions and patterns to help you master the magic loop. And with your free membership to the Knitting Daily community, you’ll have the help and support of thousands of knitters of all abilities. What are you waiting for? Download your free eBook and start knitting mittens!


Master Magic Loop Knitting with these FREE Patterns:

Faux Isle Hat by Kathleen Cubley

Magic loop knitting faux isle hat
Faux Isle is a cheater version of Fair Isle knitting. Using a solid color and a self-striping yarn, you can create beautiful colorwork! This is a fun and easy way to create a stranded knitting project. It’s simple enough so that you can use the magic loop method and not have to concentrate too much on the color changes. The Faux Isle Hat is great for men or women, just change the color accordingly.

Honeycomb Socks by Katie Himmelberg

Magic loop knitting honeycomb socks
These toe-up socks are a combination of honeycomb cables and ribbing. If you’ve never knit toe-up, now’s the time to master them. Work this pattern and learn how to knit magic loop socks. This is my favorite way to knit socks!

Cozy Mittens by Katie Himmelberg

Magic loop knitting mittens
It’s all about the yarn in these mittens. Choose a self-striping color of soft yarn and whip up some cozy mittens. This quick project makes a great gift. You’ll love knitting mittens with the magic loop!

The magic loop was made popular by Sarah Hauschka and I used her book, The Magic Loop, published by Bev Galeskas and Fiber Trends, in the class I took.

Now I use the magic loop method for almost all of my small, circular knitting projects. It makes circular knitting so much fun.

Master Magic Loop Knitting contains a pictorial lesson, but I also filmed a video of the technique, because some of us love to learn with videos! You’ll find the link in the eBook.

So download your free copy of Master Magic Loop Knitting with this Free Guide + Patterns today, and learn how to knit using the magic loop method!



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