Learn It: How to Measure Yourself

I recently took my measurements. I wasn’t surprised that they’d changed a little bit since the last time I took them, which was a couple of years ago.

I’ve got a little more here, a little less there. Bodies change as we age, even if we haven’t gained or lost significant amounts of weight.

Measuring yourself seems like an easy task, and it is, if you’ve got the information you need to take measurements accurately. Our new free resource, Knitting Measurements: How to Measure Waist, Hips, and More, will arm you with all of the tools to take the precise waist and hip measurements, plus all of the other measurements you need to knit garments that fit perfectly.

I encourage you to check out Knitting Measurements, and then gather your knitting friends, some good music, and maybe two or three bottles of wine, and have a measuring party!

Exact measurements are easier to achieve if you have a buddy! Plus, it’s a lot more fun.

Learn how to measure yourself right now, with Knitting Measurements: How to Measure Waist, Hips, and More.

Good luck, and have fun!


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