Learn 2 Circular Cast-ons with the Dahlia Cardigan Knitalong Workshop

15KN30Heather Zoppetti’s gorgeous Dahlia Cardigan, originally published in Interweave Knits Fall 2011, has long been a favorite of Interweave Knits readers. The combination of a unique construction and a beautiful  yarn make for a show-stopping piece that’s fun to knit. It’s a piece that knitters truly love to make and wear—more than 1,400 projects have been created on Ravelry!

Dahlia begins from the center back, using a circular cast-on method to create the lace counterpane. Counterpanes are traditionally quilted bedspreads, but can also refer to any panel that forms the center of a piece; in this case, it’s the back of the cardigan that uses a counterpane technique for an eye-catching element in a basic drape-front cardigan.

KN_5F00_DAHLIA_2D00_CARDI.jpgHeather’s created a knitalong video to help knitters create their own Dahlia Cardigan. The Dahlia Cardigan Knitalong Workshop is available as a DVD or a video download and walks you through the creation of this cardigan from start to finish, from correctly measuring your back width and upper arm to make sure you get the perfect fit, and ending with instructions on how to block this piece (it’s a little unusual, given the sleeve placement). Since the counterpane begins with a circular cast-on, Heather demonstrates two different methods, one involving a crochet provisional cast-on, and another using Emily Ocker’s circular cast-on.

At just over an hour long, this video tutorial for the Dahlia Cardigan goes into just the right amount of depth on techniques that might be daunting, including picking up stitches, afterthought constructions, and mattress stitch seaming. Both the DVD and the video download include the Dahlia Cardigan pattern, so all you need is your yarn and needles and you can get started knitting your very own version!





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