Be a “Lazy Crafter” While Still Rocking Halloween Décor

You know this person. Their house is immaculate, all of the décor is personally styled and often handmade, and even the desserts are made from scratch. Their whole life is Instagram-able. But even a peek into that world exhausts me, as I am that “lazy crafter.”

Don’t get me wrong. I want to make these things but the plans are pretty far in the future. You might be in the same situation. So what can we do when the holidays come around? We are more than the sum of our crafts! We want fun and unique decorations but don’t have time to make every project in the Ravelry queue or Pinterest page. (So why do we put this pressure on ourselves?) I promise no one will demand homemade decorations. Just the effort that goes into decorating will impress and delight anyone.

There are many premade options out there, some great and some not so much.

I end up seeing a lot of repeats and most things just aren’t interesting—they’re the same ideas year after year. But with some digging, I always find things I love at Michaels and other crafty stores. They have a huge selection of ready-to-go decorations and ones you can customize (a compulsion we makers all seem to have). And I love to shop for a few Pinterest projects that help me get ready for new seasons or family gatherings. Here are some of the halloween décor themed items I found just a few days ago.

halloween decor

1. These adorable autumn owls.

How do they come up with these things? These little guys are to die for. You can add them to your dining table, let them keep you company in the living room, or position them on an entrance table to welcome guests.

halloween decor

2. Pumpkins that look hand-carved.

I love decorations with a handmade look to them. These pumpkins will jazz up any table or mantel. They can also go outside on a covered porch!

halloween decor

3. Turkey tea light holders.

Is anyone else reminded of the movie Chicken Run? These tea lights have a fun emotive quality that make them stand out from the crowd.

4. Fun fall buckets.

I can use these in so many ways! Plop planters in them to keep your plants in the fall theme, fill them with candy for guests, or use them to hold yarn.

halloween decor

halloween decor

5. DIY-Halloween Decorations

If you’re already in the mood for Halloween (like I am), you can start by getting some family and friends together and decorate take-home decorations! It’s a great activity for the kiddos while the adults catch up on each other’s lives.

You can find the pumpkin, here.

The Trick or Treat Coffin, here.

And the Happy Halloween Plaque, here.

Are you getting in the decorating spirit? Which holiday are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments.


Want more fall inspiration and yarn to drool over?


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