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When I was in college, a friend showed up to a late-spring baseball game wearing a long-sleeve tee-shirt under a short-sleeve tee shirt. This was 25 years ago, so layering wasn't as common as it is now! It looked so cute, and she was able to take one shirt off when the weather warmed up a bit. Brilliant, I thought, as I roasted in my sweater.

Nowadays, layering is the norm, and it's a way to mix-and-match styles to create your own style as well as to keep up with minute-by-minute weather changes.

Designer and author Vicki Square is known for her stylish knits and for her flawless technique, and she's back with a new book, Light and Layered Knits. You'll love the sweater patterns, tee patterns, and in-between patterns that'll let you dress light or wear layers—or both!

Here's Vicki to talk about her philosophy on dressing in layers:

Today's woman is a modern maven of multitasking. As a whole, we have become experts at fluidly moving from one pursuit to the next with nary a moment to recalibrate our focus. We are passionate about all the things we do, bringing our giftedness into the mix of work and play. We want our wardrobes to speak of that mettle, and to reflect our personal styles.

My inspiration for this collection was to gather garments that every knitter wants to wear any day, anywhere, and in any season. With that goal in mind, I have designed a number of lightweight tops that are functional on so many levels that you'll return to them again and again to ante up to that perfect blend of feel­ing confident, comfortable, and chic. The garment de­signs are streamlined and figure flattering for enduring style, giving a healthy bolster to your valuable knitting time. Simple elegance defines each piece, whether it is designed for a close fit or loose drape.

Creative details promote a unique presentation—cables, raised stitches, pleats, and peplums define shape. Lace, intarsia, Fair Isle, and slip-stitch patterns offer challenges in knitting technique. The color palette is at times vivid and bold or neutral and subtle, and can always be personalized. I have used tradi­tional knitting techniques in unusual ways and in combinations to give your wardrobe artistic panache.

Ruffle Shell from Light & Layered Knits
Lace Finery Shell from Light & Layered Knits

These projects include yarns of linen, silk, bamboo, rayon, cotton, soy, and natural fibers of the non-wool variety, along with some beautiful synthetic novelty ex­ceptions. They provide a solid foundation for building a wardrobe light enough to wear year round, next to the skin or in layers, for a variety of looks and styles.

Layering is the contemporary way to personalize style and expand function for comfort in any situation. Layers accommodate a variety of climates, seasonal temperature changes, daily fluctuations between the hot (or cold) outdoors and the cool (or warm) indoors, and even our own unreliable internal thermostats.

Layering also allows us to transition between the activi­ties of any given day-perhaps from business casual at work, followed by a sporting event, and then to a restaurant. Clearly, one style will not serve all events equally, but with thoughtfully selected key wardrobe pieces, you can easily change one or two outer pieces or accessories and completely change the look to fit the situation at hand.

The lightweight sweaters in this collection can go seamlessly from one look to another, simply by chang­ing a wardrobe basic, such as from a pencil skirt to dress pants to a pair of jeans. The idea behind this, of course, is that the fabulous sweater you just knitted is the piece that is constant!

—Vicki Spring, Light and Layered Knits

I'm a "maven of multitasking," and I agree with Vicki's theory that a woman's wardrobe has to match her lifestyle. Mine is casual, and I love have layers to throw on or take off, as the mood (or weather) dictates. This style of dressing allows me to be ready for anything, which is a necessity in my busy life, and I'll bet it is in yours, too.

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