Laura Bryant Talks Color, PLUS A Knitter's Guide to Color DVD Giveaway!

Laura Bryant is a knitwear designer, author, and yarn company owner. You've seen her on Knitting Daily TV many times, sharing her knowledge on a variety of knitting techniques. She studied color in college at the University of Michigan and has used that expertise in color, combined with her love of fiber, to establish Prism Arts, Inc. Recently Laura taped a series of workshop DVDs to explain in-depth her color theories and how they could pertain to knitting and other fiber arts. If you haven't seen the preview for her new DVD, A Knitter's Guide to Color, you can watch it here:

A note from Knitting Daily TV's Associate Producer, Annie Hartman Bakken:

I can't stress enough how much you'll learn from Laura's A Knitter's Guide to Color DVD! Even if you feel like you have a good sense of color and wouldn't venture into uncharted waters when it came to color combinations, because you know what looks good based on putting yarns next to each other when planning your knitwear color designs, this DVD will bring a whole new view of color into your work–you don't know what you're missing. 

I took a color class in college, cutting up bits of Color-Aid paper and pasting them on top of another, next to each other, spending hours on end training my eye to pick up on color theory. . . the "ah-ha" moment of grasping color is something i will never forget. That color class was my favorite college course because of the severity of that moment, and now I see colors differently.

With Laura's DVD, you won't have to sign up for a class on color theory and spend the time I did on training your eye. You'll learn how color reacts when combined with other colors, based on weight, based on color value. This DVD goes far beyond the color wheel, so don't expect to learn about complimentary colors. Instead, you'll walk away with a sincere approach to color that will broaden your knowledge and allow you to explore color options in knitting to create visually appealing, stunning works of art.

Here are some great tips for learning more about color with Laura's DVD:

Pause the workshop, walk away from the television. Training your eye to see colors is not easy. The more committed you are to really looking at color, the more you'll get out of the video. When you pause the workshop and walk away from the television, take a moment to look at the colors from across the room. Training your eye to pick up on color values and weights from a variety of distances will only increase your knowledge. Think of it this way, when you have two colors next to each other, say a neon orange and a neon pink, from a distance you won't be able to decipher the line of intersection of the colors if they're of the same weight. Now, combine that neon orange with a pale, mint green. I bet you could see the distinct place where you changed colors, even from a great distance. 

–Use Color-Aid paper. The colored paper that Laura uses in the video is available for purchase at many art stores, even online at You can cut up this paper, use it over and over again, and continuously come up with color combinations that you'd never thought of before with the wide variety of options in one package of paper. Instead of walking into a yarn store and holding up skeins of yarn next to one another, you can walk into your LYS with a plan in mind. You may be surprised with what you walk out with!

–Watch the video on your computer, your old television, and even your plasma big-screen. Colors look different on different screens. If you have one of those old television with an antenna, the colors seen in the video may be a little "off." This doesn't mean you won't learn about values, weights, color combinations. Now, watch the same video on your new laptop, and the colors will be way more lively and "correct." This exercise, although it may sound silly, is actually a great way to train your eye. Your brain will automatically tell you what color you're looking at, or supposed to be looking at, and you'll ignore the weight and value your eye picks up on. Discovering this difference and relying on what you see, not what you think you see, is just one step in mastering color theory.   

Laura's A Knitter's Guide to Color DVD is now available, and we're giving away a DVD to two lucky winners that wants to take the challenge of training their eyes to see color in a whole new way. Simply comment on this post before noon Mountain Time on Monday, April 18th, when we'll randomly select two names and send you a free copy of Laura's DVD. Tell us why you want to learn more about color, or what unique color combinations you've used in your knitwear already. Share what unexpected color combinations you think would work, you're excited to try. And, if you've already seen Laura's workshop DVD, tell us what you think, share something you learned.  

You don't get "WOW!" by doing the expected!

Laura Bryant is a regular guest on Knitting Daily TV, sharing designs, tips and techniques for knitting to fit your shape, and more. On series 600 of Knitting Daily TV, she and Barry Klein join up to share information on knitted gauge, how to modify your pattern for any yarn or stitch pattern, and even how to modify your neckline. You can see Laura and Barry and watch their series 600 segments in our video gallery. Or, watch Laura and Barry on DVD–Knitting Daily TV is available for purchase here.

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This post was sponsored by Prism Arts, Inc. Visit their website for more about the yarns seen in Laura's video, free colorful knitwear patterns, and more.

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