Lace Knitting Yarn Hack: Dental Floss Lifeline!

If you make a mistake or lose your place in a lace knitting pattern, it’s pretty scary. Ripping out is super challenging because it’s difficult to replicate the yarnovers, decreases, and other special stitches that are common in knit lace.

Lifelines are commonly used in lace designs to help you keep in pattern if you have to rip back. The concept is that you thread a thin piece of yarn or embroidery floss through the stitches each time you start a new pattern repeat. But did you know you could use dental floss? It slides easily and doesn’t break! Just don’t use the waxed kind …

Here’s our Yarn Hack video that shows you how to place a lifeline and just happens to use dental floss.

Pretty cool! You can use the same piece of floss over and over while you knit your project. Just make sure your pattern repeat is correct, and then pull out the floss and thread it into the first row of your next repeat.

If you have a purl row in at the beginning of your repeat, or another “resting row” where there’s no yarnovers or decreases, this is the place to put the lifeline. It’ll be sitting there in an easy row, ready to stop anything from unraveling beyond it.

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I hope all this info makes lace knitting more fun for you!





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