KT Baldassaro talks novelty yarns, download her free pattern for the White Swan Scarf

It's Novel!

KT Baldassaro from Feza Yarns is a true designer with a love for novelty yarns. On Series 600 of Knitting Daily TV, KT discusses these yarns with Eunny Jang and shows off her fun designs that include everything from small flower pins made of "scraps" to sweaters, fun hats, and tanks. The yarn she uses directs her designs so the textures and yarn qualities really stand out.

See a video of KT with Eunny on Series 600:

Here's KT to share with you more of her passion, as well as a free pattern for her latest novelty project: the White Swan Scarf!

The Oscar-nominated ‘Black Swan’, which has been making quite the impact on critics, made quite an impact on me when I noticed the white scarf worn by Natalie Portman’s character throughout the film. The scarf—fuzzy, glittery, and white—had the softness and weight of feathers, and despite being a heavy-handed symbol of the white swan, instantly stood out as a different kind of sign: novelty yarns are coming back into our lives again.

In order to maintain the same airy qualities of the original scarf, I knew I would need a lace-weight yarn, and in order to get that same ethereal feeling of swan feathers this yarn would need to be somewhat hairy with a subtle quantity of glitter. I grabbed a pair of size 11 needles and a ball of Feza Festival in colour #19, a white Acrylic/Mohair blend with a luminescent metallic strand of cool silver tones, and got to work.

The large needles created an airy, open lacework, but its cinematic muse had still more body than just large needles would provide. This is where serendipity stepped in. No, I’m not talking about the 2001 John Cusack movie, but rather a happy accident caused by quick fingers and sticky strands of mohair yarn. Unbeknownst to me, I had double-wrapped two consecutive sts in the row below. When I went to unwind the extra yarn to see if I would really need to frog back to their location, I created two elongated stitches. Since anything in moderation is boring, I did the next row quadruple wrapping all the sts, and then releasing them in the row above. Suddenly I had found the solution: the elongated stitches were giving the scarf loft while still maintaining its lightness.

This is what I love about novelty yarns. I recently appeared on Knitting Daily TV, where I spoke with host Eunny Jang about designing with these types of yarns. We both agreed that one of the things which make novelty yarns interesting and exciting is their ability to advise the design of a garment. Some yarns just lay there and let you do all the work; novelty yarns, however, force you to notice their qualities before blithely knitting away. This can be both challenging and rewarding. So when I think about novelty coming back into our “knitting lives” again, I don’t shudder as though Michael Bay were just nominated for Best Director. Novelty yarn is more like that funky indie film you saw last spring and forgot about until it finally gets some richly-deserved attention from the Academy and is re-released nationwide.

Fall in love with novelty yarns, too.
Download your free pattern for the White Swan Scarf.

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