Knitting with Wire: Combine Jewelry and Knitting for Extra Fun!

Sometimes my knitting is stuck in a rut and I feel a little uninspired. When I find myself in this mood,  I try to channel fearlessly creative knitters—artists who are not afraid to make mistakes or try something new. I’ve admired Annie Modesitt’s teaching style and work for a long time, and I was so excited to meet her in the studio to film her video tutorial, Knitting with Wire: Make a Beaded Wire Bracelet.

Annie is hilarious and has a tendency to catch you off guard with some of the funny things she says. We were lucky enough to capture some of them here:

Annie’s video tutorial is perfect if you’ve never knitted with wire before. She starts all the way at the beginning with the materials you’ll need for this jewelry/knitting hybrid craft. Fortunately, everything you need is pretty inexpensive, and some things you might already have at home, like a pair of aluminum straight knitting needles and craft scissors.

You’ll learn all about different beads and wire that are available for crafters to use. Since I’m new to the beading and jewelry world, discovering these colors and textures reminded me of the first time I visited a local yarn store—so much potential and endless possibility! One of my favorite parts of this craft is choosing the colors. You can use hot pink wire, frosted beads, or anything in between.

The technique is surprisingly easy, and very similar to using the slow, exaggerated motions knitters use when teaching someone how to knit for the first time. Adding beads to your project is also much easier than you might think. Here’s a little sneak peek at how to add beads to wire knitting:

Knit along with Annie in Knitting with Wire, and you’ll walk away with a beautiful bangle bracelet. They’re quick and easy to make—perfect for gifts or making a collection in a variety of colors. It’s a great way to spark creativity in your own crafting and share your love of knitting with others.

Happy knitting (with wire!)
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