Knitting with the Queen of Cables

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The Bed and Breakfast Pullover

I think we all have a few patterns that we are going to "knit next." Somehow, though, those designs always get bumped from my next-project plan because something is always more pressing, whether it's a gift that has to be done, a knit-along that has a deadline looming, or something that I thought was going to be quick and that I'd just "slip in."

I just saw one of my next-knit patterns again—Kathy Zimmerman's Bed and Breakfast Pullover—and this time I'm really going to knit it next! I have two projects to finish, and then it's Bed and Breakfast on the needles.

Kathy designed the Bed and Breakfast to wear on a getaway weekend at a New England B&B. She's staggered cables in a central panel with vertical ribs framing the panel add dimension and texture to the rest of the sweater, and draw it in slightly for a closer fit. I love the contrasting color trim at the waist and the cuffs; that little punch of color really adds a lot, especially with the dark gray-green/mustard color combo.

Being a big fan of cablework, Kathy Zimmerman's designs have always enthralled me. There's a new eBook out celebrating Kathy's designs, A Designer Profile eBook, with 6 Knitting Patterns by Kathy Zimmerman that includes the Bed and Breakfast!

Kathy has been designing sweaters for twenty-five years, most with her signature cable patterns; she's known as the Queen of Cables for good reason!

In the Summer 2011 issue of Interweave Knits, writer Julie Matthews profiled Kathy—here's some of that interview for you:

One of the first things you notice about Kathy Zimmerman is she always wears hand-knitted sweaters. In spring and summer, she sports cotton tees; fall and winter, wooly, cabled pullovers. Remarkable, yes—but even more impressive when you realize she designed every single one.

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  Kathy Zimmerman

Best known for her classic sweater patterns, Kathy is an accomplished knitter, teacher, and designer. Her work personifies investment knitting.

Kathy favors classic designs with a twist, often using cabled, slip-stitch, and textured stitchwork. She also owns Kathy's Kreations, a yarn shop specializing in quality handknitting yarns and accessories located in Ligonier, Pennsylvania.

When it comes to designing sweaters, "I aim for balanced, tasteful weekend wear," Kathy explains.

Kathy's designs almost always feature some gorgeous cabling or lace pattern. She finds inspiration everywhere. "I love stitch dictionaries, especially Japanese ones. I'll take a stitch pattern and turn it upside down, or I'll marry two different stitch patterns together," she says.

Cables come naturally to her and often tell a story. "Like after we vacationed in Cape May, New Jersey, a beach community known for its beautiful Victorian homes, my next sweater featured an intricate gingerbread lace stitch that reminded me of those lovely seaside porches," she said.

—JULIE MATTHEWS, "Kathy Zimmerman: A Quarter Century of Creating Classic Cables and Cardigans," Interweave Knits, Summer 2011

For more about Kathy, plus six amazing designs to get you all wrapped up in cable knitting, download A Designer Profile eBook, with 6 Knitting Patterns by Kathy Zimmerman now.

You'll want to turn up the air-conditioning and get started right away so you can wear one of these beautiful cable knits at the first nip of fall.


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