Knitting with Beads

I’m excited because I get to take a class next weekend from designer Sivia Harding. She’s such a lovely person and wonderful teacher. I’ve been lucky enough to take two previous classes from her, so I know what fun awaits me! Here’s what I made in the class I took from Sivia last fall:


Harmonia’s Rings Cowl. That’s my mom modeling; how cute is she?

You can take a class from Sivia, too! In our on-demand webinar, Knitting with Beads, Sivia will teach you all about the types of beads to use in knitting, show you how to get the beads onto your knitting (she has a cool trick for this!), and tell you how to care for your beaded knits.

knit fingerless mitts

Aquitaine by Sivia Harding

Sivia will also help you choose the correct beads for your project, which is an important part of making your beaded knits perfect.

Our on-demand web seminars are perfect for the busy knitter; they fit into your schedule because you can watch them at your convenience, stopping and starting as needed.

If bling makes your hear sing, this is the class for you; join Sivia for Knitting with Beads, and learn how to gild the lily!


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