Knitting versus the Heat: Take Two

Vergennes Pullover

I had such great expectations. My Vergennes Pullover was going to be finished and ready to wear before the first cool days of fall. I love the stitch; I love the soothing click of the needles as I knit in the evenings; I love the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Woobu. But soon the summer heat and my desire to knit this beautiful wool sweater were battling it out. As the temperatures in my house reached the mid-eighties, the heat won, and my beautiful maroon sweater retreated to the UFO bin.

That battle may have been lost but the war is not over. Fall is almost here, and the heat will not stop me from completing my Vergennes Pullover before the leaves have all turned. I am just a few rows from finishing the back, but the thought of the rest of the wool sweater draped across my lap gives me pause.

So my strategy is to begin the sleeves. Their lack of wool surface area will put me in good stead during warm evenings, and once those evening temperatures begin to drop, I’ll work the front. I have also packed everything I need to complete this sweater into a handy knitting bag. If the temperatures soar again, I will move to air-conditioned locals such as my local library, coffee shot, or yarn shop. What tips and tricks do you have to beat the heat?

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