Knitting University

I had a friend in college whose major was clothing and textiles. I always thought that was such an odd major, but now I'm not so sure. She left college with a knowledge of textiles that was so in-depth, and her education continues to help her immensely in her job at Nike.

I don't regret my majors in English and journalism, but sometimes I wish I knew more about fibers and certain knitting techniques. I want a third degree. . . in knitting! The homework assignments sure would be a lot of fun!

It's not an actual knitting degree, but we have the next best thing for you—Craft Daily! Craft Daily offers hours of workshops from professional designers, which you can access any time of day.

Here are three classes that I would definitely include in a knitting degree curriculum!

     Interweave Knits Workshop: 45+ Knitted Cast-Ons and Bind-Offs—Part 1, Cast-Ons
with Ann Budd

Ann says: "Hi. I'm Ann Budd. I've been designing and editing knitwear for several years, and I've authored and co-authored many books on knitting basics and design. Please join me in my workshop for casting on, and I'll teach you an essential assortment of cast-on techniques that will open up the possibilities for any knitting project."

Inside Intarsia
with Anne Berk

Anne says: "I've been teaching knitting for fifteen years and I'm really drawn to techniques that knitters find intimidating. the basics of intarsia knitting. I'll show you which materials and yarns are the best depending on the type of project, how to read a colorwork chart, plus lots more tips and techniques."

Short-Row Knitting
with Nancie Wiseman

Nancy says: "Short rows are a rather magical techniques used to make garments fit better and make finishing easier. I've created some innovative ways to use short-rows to design new shapes and add color to your knitting. Join me an learn how to work short-rows for all kinds of projects."

Start your knitting education with a subscription to Craft Daily and attend your first class today!


P.S. What's the best knitting class you've ever taken? Why? Leave a comment and share your experience with us.

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